[World Event] Beach Party PQ!

Grab some friends and head over to our beach bash PQ!

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[Event&Updates] Share the Love!

It's been over a year since our new world has opened, and we're celebrating!

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[World Event and Server Update] Bringing in the New Year!

We're greeting the new year with a massive update!

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Spooky Season Returns!

It's time to GET SPOOKY Maple Destiny!

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Summer Postcard Event [Winners]

BossyBlossom has won first place in our recent forum event!

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[Server Update] NX cash and discounts!

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He's baaaack

[World Event] Happy 4th Birthday Maple Destiny!

It's been a long time, Destiny. Thanks for sticking with us for 4 years! We are all looking forward to many more years together, but for the month of March, let's party like it's 2012!
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