[World Event] Holiday Chaos!

Something big is coming.
Read about the event here.

[Update 12/21] Client upgrade

We've changed our client again and beefed up protection! Read about it HERE

[Update] Client upgrade

We've changed our client! Read about it HERE

[World Event] Spooky Season

Get in on the fun! Read about it HERE

[Update 9.8.2015] Back to School!

Join us for our Back to School EVENT!
Our Development team just posted a new UPDATE!

[Update] Maple Destiny United: Flying Forward

Maple Destiny is going through some massive changes, and we're ready to fill you guys in!
Read our tell-all thread here!

[Update 9.1.2015] Our first update!

Have you seen the patch notes for our first update since changing staff?
Check it out here!

[Community Swag] BP and Friends is back!