[World Event] New World Revolution

The black mage has been defeated and the new world has begun! Join the Destiny Revolution, earn their respect and work towards becoming more powerful! Read about it here

It's a new world!

The new world is here!
Get all the details herea>

Server wipe, and pre-wipe event.

It's the end of the world. Time to fight for your community.
Read about the wipe here.
Band together as a community and earn rewards for the new world!
Read about the End of the World Event here.

[World Event] Holiday Chaos!

Something big is coming.
Read about the event here.

[Update 12/21] Client upgrade

We've changed our client again and beefed up protection! Read about it HERE

[Update] Client upgrade

We've changed our client! Read about it HERE

[World Event] Spooky Season

Get in on the fun! Read about it HERE

[Update 9.8.2015] Back to School!

Join us for our Back to School EVENT!
Our Development team just posted a new UPDATE!