Server is now stable.

[March '13]
Thanks to the relationship of our host, we've been able to score an incredible deal on their exclusive protection.

To play, please download the new client HERE.
Download mirror.

Updated launcher: Multi-client support.

[April '13]
We have added multi-client support to the new launcher. Head over to the Play page or click below.
Download here.
If you are experiencing "Runtime not found", a solution can be found on the Play page.

Happy Anniversary Maple Destiny!

[March '13]
It's been a year now that we've been up in running, and to help celebrate this great success the staff members are holding an Event Week! Join us in-game for fun and prizes all week long during peak hours. More information can be found here. Enjoy!

Back online.

[Feburary '13]
After a 12 hour downtime, we're back with 10X bigger pipes!

Haters be hatin.

[Feburary '13]
Hello all. Some skiddies hit us with a Low-orbit ion cannon and took us for a ride, so we migrated to 10x the previous pipes and some control over switch rules. We'll be back soon~

Happy Holidays!

[December '12]
Happy Holidays from us at MapleDestiny!