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By donating to MapleDestiny you are agreeing to the following:

  • I acknowledge that this is a donation and not a purchase.
  • I am over the age of 18 or have consent to donate.
  • Destiny Points are gifted to members who donate automatically.
  • Chargebacks will result in the permanent ban of all associated game, and forum accounts.
  • Forum accounts will be given "Donor" status upon request.
  • Donating does not excuse me from following the MapleDestiny rules.
  • All donations are final.
  • Rewards

    5 Points — Donor Medal

    • Trade in 5 points to rent a sweet Donor Medal!
    • Medals are bound to your character for the 30 day rental period.
    • Stats: 10 STR, 10 DEX, 10 INT, 10 LUK, 200 HP, 200 MP, 5 ACC, 5 Avoid, 10 Speed, 10 Jump

    5 Points — Red Luck Sack

    • Use 5 points, and 3K NX to craft a Red Luck Sack!
    • Red Luck Sacks enable users to trade Destiny Points with other users.
    • Crafting a Red Luck Sack will not give you Donor Status.

    5 Points — Guild Leader Exchange

    • Pass on your guild leadership by using 5 points!
    • Both guild leader and the new leader must be online at the same time and agree to the guild leadership transfer.
    • Guild leadership change reflects upon the next server restart.

    10 Points — Character Rename

    • Rename your character, or Guild to any allowed name.
    • Names must be available (this excludes banned names or guild names).
    • Guild Name Changes will reflect after the next server restart.

    15 Points — Character Rename Exchange

    • Trade names with your friend!
    • Banned characters under level 120 forfeit their names after 90 days.
    • Characters under level 30 forfeit their names after 30 days of inactivity.
    • Characters under level 120 forfeit their names after 180 days of inactivity.

    15 Points — Unlimited Miu Miu

    • The Unlimited Miu Miu (The Traveling Merchant) opens the New Leaf City potion shop almost anywhere!
    • Your Miu Miu shop will not expire after use!
    • Enjoy 30 days of stress-free potion shopping.

    15 Points — Unlimited VIP Rock

    • Unlimited VIP rock allows you to save maps, or warp directly to your friends.
    • Your VIP rock will not expire after use and remain in your inventory.
    • Enjoy 30 days of convenience with your Unlimited VIP Teleport Rock!

    25 Points — Custom GuildHQ

    • Custom GuildHQ is momentarily disabled.
    • It will be back soon!

    50 Points — Player NPC

    • Player NPCs are currently disabled.