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    T'was the night before Maplemas and all through the world,
    Not an ore was dropping, not silver, not gold.
    Henesys was empty, the Free Market was still,
    Players wondered where THAT DAMN UPDATE WAS AT, FAM.

    2016 has been a rough year for everyone, so we're excited to bring in the new year with you all!

    Head over to the Free Market to fill yourself with that warm and fuzzy feeling for the holidays. Don't forget to turn on your music! NPCs are maintaining the Free Market with magic harvested from Snow Vigors.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Snow Vigors drop from all mobs across Destiny, and can be won by competing in our Snow Rush event!
    An automated Snow Rush event will be held every 3 hours. Compete on two teams by using your regular attack to roll your snowball across the finish line first! The team that pushes their snowball all the way to the end will earn a few extra Snow Vigors!
    The losing team will get the pleasure of participating with the winning team! (aka nothing)
    They are also available from completing Party Quests, Jump Quests, Bossing, and daily quests given out by MrSno in the Free Market!


    Collect Snow Vigor and hand them in with MrSno for a chance at something special, or trade in a lot of them for a brand new Crystal Rudolph!

    Our Traveling Hair Stylist Murphy the Zombie will be making an appearance sometime before 2017. Bring in the New Year with a new look!

    White Scrolls now have a boosted drop rate from Gachapons! During this event, head over to your Gachapon of choice and try your luck!

    A season of change

    From "unofficial technical support" to GM, our staff member Indie has been promoted to Developer status! Indie will now be working alongside Cipher and Exodus, helping to further the development of our world. We are so excited to be working together on pasta! I mean, projects! To see what Indie has been up to since moving to development, head on over to our Update section!

    Although most of our announcements are positive ones, we are saddened to announce the official departure of our long time GM Shuryo, who will no longer be a part of the Maple Destiny staff team. Shuryo was one of the most dedicated and fun-loving people we've ever had the chance to work with. When others left, he did his best to help keep this family together. We will always appreciate everything he has done for the server, and he will be missed. Thank you Shuryo. We wish you nothing but the best!

    Another change we're seeing is Clean Slate Scrolls. Upon logging back in, any Clean Slate Scrolls you've owned will be removed. They are also being removed from global drops, gachapons, and PQs. The reason is because they are receiving a pretty big change that we hope will offset the incredible demand for White Scrolls.
    Clean Slates will now no longer boom your item upon failure. More information on how to obtain Clean Slate Scrolls will be released at a later date, but expect to be PQing and bossing (among others) to gain your CSS.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There have been a lot of ups and downs this year, but we are so thankful for each and every one of you. Thank you all so much for sticking with us, and supporting us, even though we are far from perfect. They say this season is best for spending time with your family and loved ones, and we couldn't agree more. We are all so happy to be able to spend our holidays with you, and hope to spend many more together.
    From all of the staff here at Maple Destiny, we wish you all a very safe, and happy holiday season.
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    Prize list:

    Maplemas Ham
    Sugar-Coated Olives
    Holiday Sock
    Scissors of Karma
    Item Megaphone
    Christmas Melon
    Ice Cream Pop
    Red Bean Sundae
    Blue Potion
    Orange Potion
    White Potion
    Gelt Chocolate
    Banana Graham Pie
    AP Reset
    Gachapon Ticket
    Winter Wonderland
    Wee Lightbulbs
    Aqua Marine
    Black Crystal

    Red Knitted Hat
    Purple Knitted Hat
    Yellow Knitted Hat
    Green Gumball
    Blue Gumball
    Pink gumball
    Red Festive Gumball
    White Festive Gumball
    Reindeer Hat
    Childrens Day Hat
    Red Panda Hat
    Christmas Bell
    Christmas Wreath
    Christmas Hairpin
    Oz Magic Hat
    Black Bow
    Red Bow
    Wild Hunter's Hat
    Battle Mage's Hat
    Pilot Cap
    Rudolph Santa Hat
    Puppy Ears
    Small Black Devil Hat
    Snowman Mask

    Rainbow Knitted Top
    Red Plaid Duffle Coat
    Yellow and Red-Striped Jacket
    Holiday Party Gear
    Santa Costume
    Santa Girl Overall
    Holiday Dress
    Blue Snow Flower Wear
    Pink Snow flower Wear
    Reindeer Suit
    Snowman Suit
    fox suit
    Layered Long Skull Tee
    Oz Magic Robe
    Wild Hunter Suit
    Battle Mage Suit
    Paper Box

    Rolled Up Skiny Jeans
    Baggy Glow-in-the-Dark Jeans

    Battle Mage Boots
    Wild Hunter Boots
    Oz Boots

    Transparent Cape
    Royal Cape
    Wild Hunter Cape
    Battle Mage Cape


    December Chair
    Romantic Observatory
    Green Recharger Chair
    Red Christmas Recharger Chair
    Black Christmas Recharger Chair"
    Snowman Buddy Chair
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