Buccaneer: Glitches, Fixes and QoL Changes

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    So this is an excerpt from a big Buccaneer thread I wrote but never posted.

    Ain't Class Balance (open)
    I believe this thread and especially http://mapledestiny.net/forum/threads/13230/ do not belong in the "Class Rework Ideas" section, I still have no idea why it was moved into there in the first place.
    The reason for the Class Rework section is to compile suggestions into a Grand Rebalance Patch(I mean like if that were to actually happen), where all the changes that happen there only happen alongside changes to all of the classes.
    These changes here don't require changes to other classes to be justified and are quality of life changes rather than balance changes.

    Tool-tip Fixes:
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    • Sommersault Kick:
      • Name changed to Somersault Kick.
    • Improve max HP:
      • Bonus HP is gained upon: level up, AP applied to HP.
    • Energy Orb:
      • Deals heavily reduced damage to subsequent targets(I don't know the exact number, maybe 30% at a rough estimate. I'll leave it to you to find out).
    • Super Transformation:
      • Weapon and Magic def, +60, waiting time until next use: 240 sec.
    • Barrage:
      • Deals *2 damage on the 5th hit, and *4 damage on the 6th hit.
    Visual Glitches:
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    These glitches are only observed by third parties, everything is displayed correctly for the Buccaneer in question.
    • Energy Charge
      • Upon Energy Charge expiring the bubble will not disappear from around the Buccaneer until maps are changed.
      • Entering a map while Energy Charge is already active does not display the bubble. However, the bubble will appear when Energy Charge expires and will remain until the map is changed.
    • Female Transformation and Super Transformation
      • Entering a map while Transformation or Super Transformation is already active, the Buccaneer is displayed as male(Only affects female Buccaneers).
      • Most probably affects other transformations such as Eagle Eye(Wind Archer transformation).
    Bug Fixes:
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    • Oak Barrel
      • ~
    I'm actually scared to use this skill in a serious secenario due to how easy it is for this glitch to happen unintentionally.
    • Energy Charge
      • +20 Accuracy: Is visual only and does not actually provide +20 accuracy. Read: http://mapledestiny.net/forum/threads/12358/
      • +20 Avoidability: If some kind soul would test if this is bugged, like accuracy, that would be appreciated.
    • Speed Infusion: pls fix.
    Imagine if every time your Bowmaster casts Sharp Eyes every character has to re-cast Maple Warrior otherwise both buffs will cancel out at an unexpected time, that's how ridiculous this is.
    It's just frustrating to negatively affect your party members by buffing them.
    Quality of Life Changes:
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    • Sommersault Kick:
      • Can only be cast if a Knuckle is equipped(this is a first job skill and will also affect Corsairs).
    I feel ridiculous running around with a spear as a Pirate. However, other people may have fond memories of this from long ago and it's not too OP to be left in for nostalgia purposes.
    • Reverse and Timeless item leveling for Guns and Knuckles:
      • Lower the minimum attack gained per level to 0 from 1 to match other jobs
      • On the live server: Upon leveling up a weapon it will gain 0~2 attack. However, if that weapon is a gun or knuckle it will gain 1~2 attack.
    This is really OP for Pirates and not fair to the other jobs. It bothers me this still isn't addressed.
    • Oak Barrel:
      • Remove the 10% chance to be hit by an enemy while using Oak Barrel.
    This skill is essentially a bad version of Dark Sight and there's a 10% chance that an enemy will hit you anyway, which cancels the buff. This makes the skill mostly useless. This change at least makes it usable.
    • Speed Infusion:
      • Increase the range.
    The range on Speed Infusion is tiny(maybe so you don't constantly hit your NL's with this buggy hell).
    I once died in HeBPQ because BGA's kick has more range than this buff.
    All I wanted to do was buff my Paladin :(
    • Corkscrew Blow:
      • Hits 3-6 mobs depending how long the skill is charged for, 3 no charge, 6 full charge, from 3.
    Many a time comes that you are trying to rush mobs and Corkscrew Blow only hitting 3 at a time just doesn't get them moving(especially with the spawn rates).
    In second and third job the two other skills you will use for mobbing are Somersault Kick and Energy Blast, both have very small attack range, this would help to bunch up the monsters to mob them effectively.
    • Energy Charge:
      • Charges per hit(line) rather than per attack(it takes 53 hits to fully charge Energy Charge).
        • Demolition Time to reach full charge reduced to 16.38(seconds) from 124.02(seconds)(This is longer than the duration of Super Transformation!).
          • Up-time increased to 75.32% from 28.73%.
          • Effective stance rate increased to 30.13% from 11.49%.
        • Barrage + Dragon Strike(Single target) Time to reach full charge reduced to 22.2(seconds) from 77.49(seconds).
          • Up-time increased to 69.25% from 39.22%.
          • Effective stance rate increased to 27.7% from 15.69%.
    These are the current times to reach full Charge on Energy Charge(live server):
    • 27.03(seconds) Flash Fist(No SI)
    • 33.33(seconds) Double Uppercut + Flash Fist*3(No SI).
    • 12.72/6.36(seconds) - Sommersault Kick(on 3/6 targets). No SI.

    Skills this applies to:
    • Double Shot
    • Double Uppercut
    • Barrage
    • Demolition
    This buff just makes sense. Energy charge synergies so well with skills from 1st through to 3rd job, this change would make that carry through to 4th job where it becomes useless(other than mobbing, which this change doesn't affect). Also I feel like this was the original intent of the skill, if a mobbing attack hits 6 monsters in one attack it charges 6 stacks. If a single target attack hits a monster 6 times in one attack why does this not charge 6 stacks also(game mechanics aside)?
    There might be cause to increase the stance rate of Energy Charge but it's pointless if this change doesn't happen first.
    • Demolition: Increase the attack range.
    Though, the only place I can recall this being a problem is HT pre-head in HEBPQ, read: http://mapledestiny.net/forum/threads/13230/
    • Energy Orb: Maybe something about removing the damage fall-off so Energy Blast(3rd job) hitting 4 targets doesn't deal more DPS than Energy Orb(4th job) hitting 6.
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    Probably causes one of the biggest confusion in-game.

    I can relate to a lot of issues mentioned here. Thanks for typing them up in an organized manner!
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    OCM Approved.

    >Dont extend SI range untill its fixed, or i swear to god i will defame every buccaneer i see without any other reasoning than them ruining my inner re-buff clock.
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    Thanks for fixing things. This is still broken. @Cipher
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    I am aware c: it has already been fixed for the next update!
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    give buccs shadow partner. must have
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    Shadow partner doesn't work with Buccaneer skills. :^)
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    Just as an update:

    Changed the skill tooltips and some skill names (namely somersault kick) to reflect what they actually do (yes, super transformation no longer lies to you, thank me/hate me later).
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    damn man i always thought the game was jipping me on that super transformation buff thanks a lot exodus really appreciate the hard work "1luv brofist keep it real fam" - 2pac ft biggie smalls
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    With the changes to buccs happening, i think its time to revisit this thread.
    These are all necessary changes to v83 buccs, as it basically just acts like a band-aid. There is only one thing else I would like to suggest adding that would help buccs even more, and would also help with one of the patch changes.
    This refers to the Energy charge buff.

    Trying to charge up Energy Charge during a boss run is stupid. It's slow, its cancer, and especially during Horntail, its impossible. I, and im sure theres other buccs, get knocked off the platform after every single attack. Even with a buccs low DPS, it just becomes even lower if they never get the chance to deal damage. I completly agree with Slazzy, I also believe that these rates are way too high.

    This is the current way that Energy Charge charges up, and by making it charge 192 units per attack line, it would basically always be up. Yes thats very nice, but as Slazzy said, "Up-time increased to 75.32% from 28.73%." Thats basically a 50% inrease. If these changes were to happen, the amount of units that Energy Charge charges up would have to be reduced. Exact numbers I do not have nor will never have just because I hate math and fuck you, but even if the 192 units was reduced to lets say 130 or 125 per LINE, it would STILL be faster than 192 units per attack.


    Just increase the units it charges per attack from 192 to 250. This too will increase the uptime of Energy Charge.

    This is also very necessary.
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