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  1. Smibs

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    In Game Name: idk im banned
    First name (or what you want us to address you by): smibs
    Age: 21
    First language: brasilian
    Other languages spoken: america
    Timezone: yes
    Estimate of times available: all

    How much experience do you have with MapleDestiny or DestinyMS?
    some i guess

    Do you have any professional work experience in real life? If yes, how long was your longest employment, and what kind of employment was it?:
    no i live in basement at my parents

    Have you ever held a staff position on another MapleStory server, or another online-gaming community?:
    yes Official Community Manager

    Are you more of a lone wolf, or a team player? (Do you excel more alone, or with a group)
    lone wolf just like the picture on my t shirt, a wolf howling at hte moon, im an otherkin

    As a player, what is something you'd love to see happen on our server (or forum, community, etc) in the next year? Why?
    me back

    What is your greatest strength, and what is your biggest weakness?
    everyone loves me especially the current staff

    Why do you want to work with our staff team?
    so i can ban them
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  3. Smibs

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    Still denied.
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