WhoDrops [QuestDrops] Event: 15/06, 05:00 @Servertime

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    Let's try something new!

    On Thursday, June 15th at 05:00 @servertime, there will be a WhoDrops event!

    Back in my days we didn't have your fancy @whodrops command, we had to learn it all ourselves!
    I will be taking everyone back to the good days! That is if you can handle it.

    In this event, each round you will be given three or two different monsters.
    The GM will drop an item.
    The player has 15 seconds to stand under the monster that drops it.
    After 15 seconds all standing under the wrong monster(s) will be killed!
    If you die, your time in this event is over. The survivors will go on to try and survive another round.



    Please keep in mind that multiclienting during GM events is NOT allowed! If you and someone else sharing the same connection want to participate, please send a PM to Zelda or Cipher, asking to join our Whitelist.


    - You'll obtain one Event Ticket as participation.
    - Every 2 rounds you pass, you'll win an additional Event Ticket.
    - It wouldn't be an event without a bonus round for the chosen few c:

    Hope to see you there!
  2. Sir

    Sir Literally Jesus Forum mod


    Due to some technical issues, the event has been tweaked a bit. God damn monster books ruining everything. THE ONE TIME I HATE IT

    Instead of monsters and drops, the event will be NPCs and respective Quest Items

    General idea is still the same c:
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