Racism in the server

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by JayXtreme, Jun 14, 2017.

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    arent you like indian tho, thats not even real black
    i feel like the term sandninja is more appropriate for you. embrace it
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    your post was too long. he didn't read it.
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    @JayXtreme I'll try and keep this short and to the points, as this is the preferred style.

    The rules that are established and their related punishments were followed since this was their first time offense for anything; see the rules. There is no support of racist behavior by the staff but a believe the people's negative tendencies can be changed with forgiveness to an extent. If I've learned anything from my 4 years on mapledestiny is the staff takes their time to get things finished and need proper documentation to support claims, because they want to do it correctly the first time in accordance to their rules to be consistant. Secondly, I would suggest you read moderator's entire responses to your thread and instead of dismissing it as biased and responding quickly I would try and evaluate it from both perspectives, and allows for self-evaluations. This self-evaluation is a great social skill and life skill that'll help you in a lot of situations for personal growth (one that I believe you value, since you're jacked af) and helps you in a lot of situations including an game previously mentioned league of legos. Lastly, I would like to suggest when reporting people to use the report section of the forums as it will guarantee to be seen and handled, sometimes there isn't always a gm on, as real life gets in the way and we don't have the current staff numbers to support 24/7hr moderation. With that being said job applications are open.

    I say this all to you as a fellow player who has observed racist remarks in the past and have seen it decrease significantly, I advise you to be strong like the freedom riders of 1961, the people who showed that knowledge, tolerance and kindness are the best tools to combat bigotry and hate.
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    wait wtf did you make the same thread twice in two different boards @JayXtreme? god damn ninja you needa relax this is the internet where minds run wild and people can say whatever the fuck they want. no amount of "AW UH SIR/MAAM HE/SHE CALLED ME THIS NAME PLS HALP HURT FEELINGS" is gonna help you. tighten that boypoosc of yours please
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    i myself am a big fan of boipucci @corsetti you spaghetti eating, linguini lookin ass, mama mia papa pia babies got the diarrhea, super mario bros playing, pasta cooking, hand expression making, facial hair having, greasy mechanic fuck.
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    remove the "Facial hair having" and you're about right. .#whydadwhy
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    feelsbadman rip pube face
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    Hola amigos
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    hola mi negro hermano!!!
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    Hermano negro*
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    Yeah some of these "racists" are just too much.


    Oh wait hehe
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    i'd like to report this @JayXtreme guy for not being black and using a term that i find really racist.
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    Hermano negro
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