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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by smibsatwork, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. smibsatwork

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    Hey guys so remember how the devs made a smega cooldown command so certain people couldnt spam? Well how come I see people spam smegas anyways but I cant, i mean some people still have a 5min cooldown???? At this point it seems unneeded so cmon lets rally up and REMOVE THE SMEGA COOLDOWN FOR M- uh EVERYONE
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  2. Smibs

    Smibs Well-Known

    I for one like, and support this idea!
  3. LiOoN

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    lololol stay rekt
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  4. Smibs

    Smibs Well-Known

    mods ban this person please
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  5. Grief

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    I agree!
    +1 to the OP
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  6. Polar

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    Once upon a time i fronted the idea of giving the OCM staff a set amount of smegas to be able to reach out to the people.
    I for one spent over a billion mesos on smegas with messages such as "OCM Staff is live. Feel free to ask ANY questions!"

    It seems now that the staff has taken further steps to prevent groups of helpful players from exactly this; helping.

    I vote for not only the release of one of the most iconic OCMs, but to further the suggestion into either giving the OCM staff an appropriate channel to support and help new players, or endless smegas!
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  7. Grief

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    I've noticed an uptick in smega spam as of late.
    These ones aren't even in English, and yet no enforcement of the English Smega rule! Not to mention it was likely a troll smega (which is also a warn-able offensive right?)


    It feels super unfair to limit Sm-uh, some members to only 1 smega per 5 minutes!
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  8. SweetPayback

    SweetPayback Old Faithful

    There is a difference between a one time 3 smega's in 5 minutes and 100+ smega's weekly
  9. Polar

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    snore bore, smibs is quality content shit
  10. SweetPayback

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    True there also is a difference between quality smibs and hu3hu3hu3. I like smibs "spamming" but if others do it aswell it is just not worth it
  11. fifthpink

    fifthpink Oldie

    the 5 min CD is to keep Smibs from getting banned
    when smibs stays unbanned the server is alive
    keep the CD
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