DMS Unofficial Lotto #1

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    This Post is Subject to Change.

    As for now, Twitch and all other streaming mediums will not be used.

    Current Total Pool: 89 GACHAPON TICKETS. (19 paid).

    Google Form Registration:

    The Date and Time of when Registration Begins and Ends (Fees must be paid before the End of Registration): Monday, 06/19/2017, 10:40 AM UTC (10:40 Servertime) - Monday, 06/26/2017, 10:40 AM UTC (10:40 Servertime).

    Lotteries being Hosted:
    Get'cha Gacha - (Hybrid Chance Lottery).

    The Forum Names and In-Game Names of those Participating, and the Lotteries they are Participating in:
    SweetPayback, Zephyr, Get'cha Gacha, 3 entries, paid, verified, 15.79%. (1, 8, 14)
    acoluccc, Grey, Get'cha Gacha, 3 entries, paid, verified, 15.79%. (2, 9, 15)
    Decapitated, Decapitated, Get'cha Gacha, 3 entry, paid, verified, 15.79%. (3, 10, 16)
    Coffe, Copper, Get'cha Gacha, 1 entry, paid, verified, 5.26%. (4)
    Gotham, Naxah, Get'cha Gacha, 3 entries, did not pay, unverified, 15.79%. (5, 11, 17)
    Dorr, Dorr, Get'cha Gacha, 3 entries, paid, verified, 15.79%. (6, 12, 18)
    MrSparkly, MrPally, Get'cha Gacha, 3 entries, paid, verified, 15.79% (7, 13, 19)

    The Lottery Rewards:

    Get'cha Gacha - 70 Base Gachapon Tickets + Gachapon tickets from entry fees.

    Entry Fees:
    Get'cha Gacha - 1 Gachapon Ticket. 3 ENTRY MAXIMUM.

    The Ratios of Participants to Possible Numbers of each Lottery:
    Get'cha Gacha - 1:1 (100% rate, SOMEONE WILL WIN)

    Please Pay Entry Fees to Petty6.
    Do not sell your entry, or violate entry rules.
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  2. SweetPayback

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    I don't understand the idea, you have to pay 1 Gacha for a chance to win 70 gacha.... ? and if i pay 3 gacha's i'm 3 times more likely to win ?
    A gacha is only 1k nx, that is around 8mil why is the other entry free 15 mil ?
    If lets say 20 people pariticipate which is already a lot for a week time. and they all entry 3 times.
    You"ll have 130 tickets with a 1/20 chance of winning for only paying 3 tickets.... If only 10 people participate you'll get 100 tickets with a 1/10 chance for only paying 3 tickets

    Am i missing the concept ?
  3. Luuqqq

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    Its ok @SweetPayback since this google docs is anonymous I already filled in your name :^)
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    So upon further consideration, I edited the entry fee. I'm only going to accept Gachapon tickets for this specific lottery, not Mesos.
    I made the entry fee via Meso more expensive because of tax as well as the trouble I would have to go through to buy Gachapon tickets from a player.
    Thank you for calling me out on this, as this could have caused issues down the road.

    If 20 people participate and all paid for 3 entries, the total gachapon ticket pool will be 130 tickets (70 tickets Base + 60 tickets from entry fees). Each player will have a 1/20 chance of winning (5%).
    If 10 people participate and all paid for 3 entries, the total gachapon ticket pool will be 100 tickets (70 tickets Base + 30 tickets from entry fees). Each player will have a 1/10 chance of winning (10%).

    I'm making this a hybrid chance lottery, meaning people can pay a little extra to gain an edge over those who pay less, but not so much as to gain an unreal advantage over those who may not have the financial means to pay for the maximum amount of entries.

    I hope this clears things up; feel free to ask for more questions.
  5. SweetPayback

    SweetPayback Old Faithful

    Sure i'll join, the high chance of winning such a big ratio is worth it ;p
    IDK if the fee's are payed in advance or not ;)
    Assuming luuuqqq is joking i re signed in
  6. DMSOfficialLotto

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    Thanks for catching another one of my errors; fees do have to be paid before the end of registry.
  7. LiOoN

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    @DMSOfficialLotto I would suggest asking for a forum name change to avoid any further misunderstandings.
  8. DMSOfficialLotto

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    I was thinking the same; but I'm not sure what would be a more appropriate name. DMSUnofficialLotto?
  9. moose

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    When did I enter may name in this? Are u sure u didn't get trolled by smibs polar etc