I did a thing!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Sir, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Sir

    Sir Literally Jesus Forum mod

    Hi friends, it's been a while.

    I've finally done a thing and finished my Engineering degree this past week!

    I'll still be away for a bit. I'm moving to Chicago to work in the steel industry making some big boy money. But I won't be gone much longer!

    Miss y'all blackpenor

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  2. Zenith

    Zenith GM Staff Staff

    My turn next!
    Congrats Nick!
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  3. SweetPayback

    SweetPayback Old Faithful

    Team engineer hype \o/
    Waiting for my big boy money

    Congratz man
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  4. Jay

    Jay Forum Moderator Forum mod

    Congrats Nick, I hope it goes well for you in Chicago!
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  5. Grief

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    I wish you all the best, work hard buddy! :upvote:...wait a minute it's that GM that supports racist behavior!!! REEEEE