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  1. zxcv

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    I've been inactive for about 2 months now and have decided that its finally time to quit.
    Thanks for everything!

    Big thanks to @iDitpwn @hiworld @JayXtreme @stg1 @hungry @Lotfi1996 @revival guild

    Cindy out, pce:peace:
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  2. badguy

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    denlie boy good luck on ur life
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  3. acoluccc

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    bye cindy
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  4. stg1

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    take care denlie, good luck, ORD loh :V
  5. IWantMyNameBack

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  6. Jakle

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    :'( #stayblue
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  7. Grief

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    I wish you the best in the game called "Real life", I really enjoyed the time we spent together as I camped your FM1 spots! :doobie:
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  8. hiworld

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  9. NDwithRuii

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    Good luck with real life :)
  10. Pyrogore

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    Good luck Cindy! Plenty of fun moments with you on here, you'll be missed.