Russian Roulette Event! 30/1, 20:00@Servertime

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    Bang Bang Cuppy Shot You Down! Tehehe

    On Tuesday 30/1 at 20:00 Servertime, I will host a Russian Roulette Event!


    Being left free to wander around a giant map, your only task is to pray MapleDestiny's RNG system to let you survive a GM's random-killing spree.

    You'll be spawned in a big map, where a GM will begin a randomized shooting against the players. If you're hit, you'll have lost the event.
    The longer you survive, the better your reward will become, since a first wave of prizes will be handed out once half the initial players are left alive, and a final prize will be given to the last survivors.

    Please keep in mind that multiclienting during GM events is NOT allowed! If you and someone else sharing the same connection wanna participate, please send a PM to Zelda or Cipher, asking to join our Whitelist.


    - You'll obtain one Event Ticket as participation.
    -Once two-thirds of the initial amount of players is left alive, a second Event Ticket will be given to survivors, and once one-third of the initial amount of players are left alive, a third ticket will be given.
    - The final 5 players left standing will receive a Magic Crystal.

    See you there!