Scheduled Update 2/13/18

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  1. Cipher

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    There will be a Server update at 23:00 servertime, on February 13th, 2018.
    The downtime is expected to last between 1 hour and 3 hours.

    Update highlights:
    • Various gameplay fixes/additions (please refer to the latest Development Updates for hints).
    • HenesysPQ
    • Automated Events
      • Russian Roulette
      • Ludibrium JQ
      • Musical Chairs
    • Gachapon Revamp
    • Valentine’s Event

    Winter PQ will be closing as of 2/13/18.
    All components of the Winter Event will be removed, so please prepare accordingly!

    Several new WZ files will be made available for download during the downtime.

    This update, while originally scheduled for this week, was pushed back in order to include a Valentine’s Event, as requested by many of our users.

    Please note that the update time may change (this will be notified).
    The downtime written in this post is purely an estimate based on the contents of the update. It's subject to (unexpected) change.
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  2. Exodus

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    2.14.2018 WZ UPDATE:


    • All towns have gotten a cleanup (removing hidden and useless objects that may cause crashing and dcing) this should (hopefully) decrease the frequency of DCing in Henesys when doing astaroth (in the next patch Asta will get it's own map that is better suited for this purpose).
    Free Market
    • The Christmas FM (more a Coca cola advertisement to be honest) has been replaced by the Valentines FM from last year.

    • Added new names for the new automated event NPC.
    • Fixed a couple string mistakes (a huge pass on scrolls, items and anything else I can find will go through in a future patch).
    • Fixed the Love Chair (couples chair), you can now sit together with your spouse (or friend with benefits) without crashing, happy valentines!
    • Added new automated event npc (artwork curtesy of @Indie )
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  3. Cipher

    Cipher Community Dingus Admin Developer Staff

    Game Update:
    • HenesysPQ has been Coded and Activated.
    • The Initial Implementation of the Automated Events System has been coded and activated.
      • Events will rotate among the currently-coded ones, and more will be added over time.
        • Russian Roulette
        • Ludibrium JQ
        • Musical Chairs
      • Events occur every 10 hours and stay on schedule, regardless of server downtimes.
    • Added Honey potion to Orbis potion shop.
    • Allowed for Shields to be transmogrified at Romeo.
    • Allowed for Medals to be transmogrified at Romeo.
    • Recoded Asia in the FM to allow for pre-set free smega'ing (For recruiting/joining PQ's) with a 5 minute cooldown.
    • Fixed Wind Walk skill.
    • Coded the remaining training center NPC's (Power B. Fore).
    • Fixed a bug that prevented entry to GPQ.
    • Corrected server-side damage calculations for receiving damage from monsters. Damage will now display correctly in 1st and 3rd person.
    • Boss summons will no longer incorrectly drop mesos.
    • Changed Quest-specific drops to only drop until the quest requirement has been fulfilled.
    • Added all Astaroth pre-boss spawns (Marbas, Crocell, etc...).
      • The Demon Doorway NPC's will be added in live, sometime this week.
    • Activated the Valentine's Event! (@Indie Will provide more information in a post below)
      • The Valentine's Event will be Activated tomorrow, on Valentine's Day, and we will provide all of the relevant information at that time.
    • Implemented the Gachapon Revamp.
      • The Gachapon Revamp is undergoing some last-minute changes (to ensure high-quality) and will either be put up, live, tomorrow, or on Thursday.
      • All Items have been shuffled, some items have been added to the general prize pool.
      • White Scrolls, ATT capes, BWG's, and other valuables are now in every Gachapon at the same rates.

    Client Update:
    • Fire Arrow now correctly hits multiple mobs, as intended.
    • PG and other damage-related reductions are now correctly calculated by the client.
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  4. Indie

    Indie Pasta Manufacturer Admin Developer Staff

    Extra details after 1/15 unscheduled Restart: HERE
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