Is update possible?

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    I KNOW this has been mentioned before just watch to touch on it again
    To update to newer version. I have no want or need to play another server so let's drop that real quick.
    I noticed a HUGE drop in active players lately, being naturally curious I was looking at other servers seeing there population. There is new v92 server that came out and they have had a max of 452 active players at one time even with it being a new server and and avg is 250. Though I will mention they do have an issue with vote abuse being new which is why they are a higher rank than us.
    Granted they are v92...
    And of course I want to put out
    this goes without saying not to add
    Potential because obviously that ruined
    Maplestory in gms in my opinion.
    I'm wondering if it's possible for the Mapledestiny staff to update this server to v92.
    Here's just a couple pros and cons

    1. Will increase the community base more people playing because of more class's available and peak more Interest

    2. More options for old players to expand into other jobs and play other classes.
    ( I know I mentioned class's twice)

    3. More content Including maps to train on level 150+ instead of only bpqing or killing Angeo etc for exp and leveling.

    4. Get chaos PB and Chaos HT
    Harder bosses to kill better reward more items to add to market.

    1. Most people like it the way it is and don't want more classes.

    2. Updating would to v92 would change allot of things that would need to be coded for a newer version from 83 might be considered overwhelming .

    3. Would change the idea of it being an old school server with old school content

    These are just a few things!
    But I think more classes, more options,
    More content! Would really be a plus for this server and by the way it is February again lol (for the old players)
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  2. Distort

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    (Rambling and poor formatting warning)

    I personally think this is a bad idea. You say you have "no want or need to play another server" yet you want to basically make this a new server. You mention the "new v92 server" and also talk about it's playercount. Obviously it's a new server, the numbers will be inflated due to hype and people wanting to try out something new. A much better figure that represents their player population should be taken a couple months after release, past the honeymoon period. To my knowledge, Destiny has never been a huge server with a lot of active players. It's very apparent that the community has for a very long time been close and everyone knows everyone, for better or worse.

    The drop in active players, and players overall, has been extremely noticeable. There was easily twice as many active players in Summer/early Autumn last year as there currently are. I was hoping that with Winter break on the horizon more people would join/return, but that didn't happen so many people (myself included) have moved on to quit this server and play other games.

    You continue on saying how you want this server to be updated to v92 but you don't want the Potential system added. Potential isn't what "killed maple", nothing "killed maple". What the Potential system did is make it a drastically different game and closed the gap between weak and strong, while at the same time destroying the upper ceiling in terms of damage. This server is advertised to be a "Nostalgia server" however, and I don't agree that they should make such a massive change to try and increase the player base. Sure, it could possibly work for a little while, but as it is right now, this server has very poor long-term player retention. They need to work on that in order to make the community larger and more active again, not introduce a slew of all new problems that come with the later patches.

    Onto some of your points, yes it will increase player activity. For a short period of time. The players who joined because of a massive update like this will likely just move on to the next server they see with a new exciting patch and we'll be right back where we started. More classes is not always a good thing. The newer classes are effected by power creep very much. It's evident by their mobbing and bossing capabilities compared to the older classes. Also, those who still play this server will very likely NOT want to expand into those newly introduced classes. They've sunk hundreds of hours into their characters, billions of mesos in washing and gearing up, and all those endgame weapons like Lunchbox/Reverse/Timeless are untradable. Not many people will want to start all over again creating a brand new perfect weapon, washing, etc.. As for training areas for post-150, the new continent being developed is supposedly aimed to target the higher levels so that's a non-problem after it's released. Chaos HT/Chaos PB are more examples of power creep that this server doesn't need, and shouldn't be introduced just for the sake of "more content". I'm not sure what you've done ingame, but I don't think it's smart asking for new hard bosses if you haven't already cleared the existing ones (HMZ, PB).

    The cons you list are large factors as to why something like this should, and likely, will never be implemented. People play Destiny for what it is. A grindy oldschool experience. Updating to v92 would drastically change how this server is played and the economy would also get even more inflated/messy. The Development team here is very small and has shown that something "small" like a revamp to the Gachapons is a very slow and arduous process for them to put out. Now imagine something like pushing this server up to v92. It wouldn't happen. Yes, it would throw out the idea and main appeal of this server being an oldschool server. There's not much that's debatable about this point.
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    Let me start by saying Richard you don't even play anymore? Your char is used as an Echo mule f3 so honestly unless your an active player... I dont put much thought into your Opinion
    Also why stupid warning? for Bad format? It isn't necessary to say I'm "rambling" it was a suggestion that you don't agree with fine.
    But I completely disagree with you.

    To start there no one is trying to "make this a new server" just trying to suggest a change.
    Your right it would SUCK if those people who spent hours (myself and friends included) if they added new equips but! There is always the possibility that will never happen do to that fact exactly.
    Its my opinion that Potential ruined ms because it became a CUBE to death game.. which = Pay to win something I wanted nothing to do with.
    I think that updating v92 there will be a few challenges in updating to something like this didn't say there wouldn't be nor would I down play allot of the work that would have to go into it.
    Also yes I've read about the "new content" but its much harder to just come up with New content than edit the content that already exsist ( except for the glitches and issues that there are with doing such)
    I'm just saying that I think it would bring allot of NEW people to the server and also I honestly think that a server wipe is needed if something like this does come to fruition.
    As it stands now "Pro" players only want to party with other "Pro's" and from what I've noticed don't want to add people that are newer to the server to the guild or really help them out
    EXCEPT FOR A SELECT FEW GUILD's and People not to say updating would change this but would make everyone on an equal level again this is all just a suggestion or more like an Idea.

    Simply Put I think updating to v92 changing a few things around including the equips available certain skills like DB's with Thorns Stacking with SE would be an issue
    But More bosses Like Von Leon, Chaos PB, Chaos HT and even the possibility EXTREME POSSIBILITY of Root Abyss monsters would be cool but that also means MORE coding
    altering content but with Update comes class update with damage NOT By allot but enough to still make the game challenging in a v92 update
    with massive amounts of custom content. I also think it would bring and KEEP new players interested in this server because this sever with all its custom stuff is pretty sweet.
    ALL Opinions are welcome!!!!
  4. Atticus Lee

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    What content from v92 are you talking about specifically? If it's about physical content like themed dungeons, then regular importing already works (Ulu City, Ninja Castle). The quests may need to be added manually but that seems much easier done than straight-updating into a new version and client. At the very least they're "available" but haven't seemed to attracted new players. The "new" classes (Evans and Dual Bladers) don't really add anything to the current mix. As Distort mentioned, they're really ability-creeped (DBs are definitely a powercreep, but I can't remember how Evans were pre-BB/potential so I'm reluctant to say they were a powercreep too). Even the Arans we have right now are very borderline.

    How exactly will new classes attract new players? Being able to play Evans and DBs can be fulfilled by going to post-BB servers. It might not be "nostalgic" but if playing these two classes is the selling point for this group of players then it's not a bad sacrifice in order to play those classes.

    Do you truly believe that players from other servers will suddenly drop out and come to DMS if we have 150+ areas for grinding? I agree that boss [hunting] and bpqing to level gets boring the more you do it but even traditional grinding at those levels, especially if the exp rate isn't as good, doesn't exactly sound more compelling.

    Also, the "bad formatting and rambling" Distort said meant HIS post was badly formatted and rambling, not yours btw.
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    First of all, I don't know you, I've never spoken to you ingame or out of game. Don't talk to me like you know me. The fact you think my character is just used as an echo mule clearly displays how little you know. I log on myself at least once a week to check on everything. Also, it's clear English isn't your first language so maybe my "warning" got lost in translation to you -- it was a warning for my OWN post, it's clearly not as well-formatted as some of my other replies to threads are. While your post is very poorly formatted, I wouldn't write something like that in a response to provoke you. And yes, you did taper off into a rambling post to make it seem like you had more ideas than you actually do. In my response to you I'll go line by line with what you've responded and try to be as clear as possible in hopes that you understand fully.

    Again, it's clear that you misunderstood my original reply to your post. I was not suggesting to make a new server, I was likening your suggestion of updating Destiny to v92 to making a new server.

    What's your opinion on Chaos scrolling and the possibility that it will permanently ruin the piece of gear if you get a bad scroll. Potential can never permanently ruin your gear, unlike Chaos Scrolls. Obviously in GMS and other official servers, cubes were P2W. However, in a private server, Potential is just another aspect of the game and not(edit) P2W.

    Grouping these two retorts together, again you clearly have a very weak grasp on what the scope is for what you're asking. Saying there will "be a few challenges in updating to something like this" is a massive understatement. The server's current client is already unstable enough, importing more assets will only continue to make it buggier. Unless of course, you're proposing the Development team make an entirely new client to run the v92. In which case, I hope you're patient. On the topic of things being "much harder to just come up with" as opposed to "edit the content that already exists", once again the new continent is being developed by the staff for this specific client, to run on this specific client, with this specific client in mind. There will be far fewer bugs in it than ANYTHING they could import from a later version.

    As stated countless times by the Staff, there will never be a wipe. Ever. It doesn't matter what you, me, or anyone else thinks the server needs.

    People want to be efficient with their runs, this isn't something new. People have always been selective in who they take on runs. I suggest you try to make friends and boss with them. I did that and was always able to find a Horntail, Zakum, or HBPQ run whenever I needed. Also, it's kinda funny how you say people don't want to add those that are new to the server to their guild when in the Recruitment section there's clearly a post for Benevolence that says "Players at all levels are welcome!"

    In this last section you seem to almost actively try to contradict yourself on previous things you've said. Bosses like Chaos PB, Chaos HT, and CRA (I'll talk about these in a moment) are prime examples of power creep in Maple. You LITERALLY cannot defeat these bosses without Potential. Even a full team of 6-12 taking on Empress Cygnus without Potential on their gear will be extremely difficult, and likely not succeed regardless of team comp. and efficiency. The CRA bosses you mention literally have 66 times (for the lowest HP boss) the health of Pink Bean, not taking into consideration the IED you need to do your real damage to them. No one regardless of the party will be able to clear CRA on this server. On the aspect of "more coding", "keep new players interested in this server because this server with all its custom stuff is pretty sweet", etc... that's something that the Staff has to figure out with the game they've built. Adding in more bosses that require players to team up and fight them will only make things worse, something you've already admitted by saying the "Pros only want to play with other pros".

    Overall, I hope this post was thorough enough and responded to every point you made well enough that you can understand why I feel the way I do. If you would like to continue this discussion further, please try to refrain from attacking me by saying my character is just a buff mule and I don't actively play.
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  6. Slazzy

    Slazzy Rana Forum mod Staff

    The server will never wipe.

    I'll wait for an admin to reply to the suggestion.
    In the meantime please keep discussions on topic, no more personal attacks.
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  7. panatown

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    i apologise for my incoming rambly post, it's rather difficult to format with white text on a dark background

    personally, im not too certain about the 'drop' in active players, mapledestiny is currently 8th on the g100, which is actually a better position than when i joined the server ~ 6 months ago. votes have also been somewhat steady, and is now at 1977, which is around the same level as it was 6 months ago, and i have not really detected a massive change in the players currently online statistic on the mapledestiny main page. the number of stores in the free market, has dwindled somewhat, however. (i only started playing ~ the end of summer, so my experience may not reflect distort's or those who have played for a longer time than that.).

    while i agree with the sentiment that many established players are leaving, it seems that the server also seems to be attracting a fair bit of new players - eg. prices for starter items (low wa capes, int scrolls) have risen since pre-winter event, which seems to support the observation that new players are coming in.

    with respect to the aims of will's suggestions, i think it is a legitimate concern that content may be lacking particularly for those who play non-nl, aran, dk, hero? or bm/mm classes and/or find it difficult to get into parties, particularly after 160 when the exp rate slows down, or for those who have already plateaued on one of those classes and do not wish to switch because the other classes are perceived to be less viable.

    both of the above may seem to adversely affect player retention, however, for reasons already given by distort and atticus lee generally, powercreeping by adding new classes or bosses may not be the best way forward, particularly when bugfixes, etc seem to be more of a priority.

    I have a few thoughts on the above:
    1. class rework 2.0
    instead of introducing more classes, perhaps an easier way of letting people expand into other jobs and play more classes is simply to continue on with the class rework and strengthen some of the weaker classes. (this could be done in conjunction with or alternatively to point 2 below). happily, there has already been encouraging work on this front.
    Class diversity is a crucial aspect of player attraction and retention. Not everyone wants to play arans nls bms or dks, and those who don’t get somewhat shafted in game since they cannot get into much of the content, almost all of which is very range and class reliant.
    while some people have posited that you should simply make friends who will boss with you,
    a) not everyone would be open to "carry" those with lower range or playing weaker classes, and
    b) this is not necessarily a simple thing to do, particularly given language barriers in this server, with many not fluent in english and preferring to communicate in mandarin, portugese, spanish, etc.
    Furthermore, more viable classes means that those who have already hit 200 on one character are more likely to be retained, as they are more incentivised to play different classes.

    2. content updates.
    currently, much of the available content seem to prioritise high dps classes such as nl, aran, and sometimes heroes with se and hb support. this is true for much of the most profitable content in this server (hbpq, hebpq?, ht, pb, hmzak). most are suggested to farm on a bishop (or a few bishops) before starting one of the above mentioned classes - a rather boring, solo endeavour, which may drive certain players to quit.
    in this sense, perhaps an introduction of content geared towards mobbing/grinding may help retain new players or give old players something else to do.
    these content should not replace the content already existing, but could perhaps exist as a meaningful alternative to simply bossing or chaos farming. - more variety seems to be good here, so that some skills such as heaven's hammer, taunt, or piercing may be more useful. bishop/mage mains may also be able to join in on some party elements here, and perhaps some more poison/lit weak mobs could be introduced.

    I understand that a new continent is currently being worked on as well, which hopefully can mitigate some of these issues.

    additionally, in a large part retention is driven by community-factors, such as having active buddies and guildmates to do party content with. in this light, there are a few possible content suggestions i wish to raise:

    1. maybe generally buffing party quests such as LPQ and particularly OPQ, or even carnival PQ.
    each of these are rather fun and unique if not rather unrewarding - str earrings rarely drop in LPQ, and glasses takes 35? lpqs to get. I've never actually done a single OPQ and have perhaps seen 2 such parties being recruited in all of 6 months, and I think carnival PQ is criminally underutilised, since i dont think it gives anything except for the achievement and some rather irrelevant EXP. competitive carnival PQ is among the most fun i had in the legit server. in this server, I've played carnival PQ once and it was still rather fun (i particularly enjoyed spamming darkness on my friends), although I would like the mobs to be updated to include some of the stronger mobs, depending on the level of the party members. CPQ is particularly interesting since it seems to encourage a mix of magical and physical damage, and perhaps even supporting skills like dispel, holy shield.

    2. reintroduction of time trial/mayhem? (im not too sure about what this comprises, but it seems to be a mobbing-based custom event which was removed quite some time ago). -

    3. party play zones that existed in later patches? (with the modification of multiclient rules)

    4. (this is not a suggestion) the incoming de-coupling of ghq from donor points may indicate a greater role that guild party quests or guild points generally have to play in the server, which i believe to be a good step forward.

    incidentally, PQs as a whole also seem to be rather equipment/funding -blind, and seems to be a good way for community members to interact and make friends.

    3. "better reward more items to add to market".
    more items is an interesting idea, although perhaps the upcoming gacha rework may introduce some of these items. i am also in favour of adding some of these items to some of the bosses to be enabled/ are somewhat unpopular (eg. toad, krexel)

    - edited for some typos
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  8. Grief

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    So you want both a wipe and an update to a completely different version of Maple V92?
    Good idea!


    I absolutely hate how DMS has stagnated and believe changes need to be made, but this is one of the worst suggestions I have ever read on this forum
  9. Pyrogore

    Pyrogore Well-Known

    Stagnation is certainly a very real problem. What I've noticed is many veteran players on this server having a normalcy bias, only because DMS has survived on critically low population levels for an extended period of time without things giving way. Lower populations have inherently more instability than greater populations (overpopulation and overcrowding certainly not an issue here either), I have mentioned that roughly 3x the amount of players (250~400) is much more ideal for a closely-knit server community.

    I disagree, while the content of the idea is something we've heard before in another incarnation, all comments like the one quoted do is shut people up, not inspire.
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  10. iWill

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    I appreciate the input. Also want to point out that mentioning a wipe is not really a necessary thing I've heard of some people mentioning it soooo I just added that in there
    on another note as well, CRA wasn't implemented in v92 and we are definitely light years away from that... So on that note as well I feel like that might be a bad suggestion
    even though they could always be nerfed and modified to kill to add certain items in to help increase FM just as a suggestion to peak more intrest in people
    working together as a party of 1-2 parties to kill a boss. I always enjoyed GMS back when it was harder to kill HT and 2 parties were basically needed.

    But I do think adding more classes would help the community, peak more interest and keep players.
    Someone had mentioned above that adding new classes would peak interest for a short time, Well I disagree with at 100%
    because of the current friendly community as well as anti cheat systems and custom content, its really appealing.
    I mean that's what stood out to me from other servers which is why i continue to play this server.
  11. Pyrogore

    Pyrogore Well-Known

    I think a more pragmatic approach would be to, rather instead of adding new classes, rebalance the existing classes. The first major rebalance helped many classes, and I'm sure additional class balance patches would make unfavorable classes more viable. I believe there's plenty we have already to work with, and additional classes aren't actually necessary to boost the appeal of the server. Balancing of current classes is what we need to reduce 'negative nostalgia' or anti-nostalgia in the server.
  12. Distort

    Distort Well-Known

    The only person to mention a wipe so far in this thread, besides me informing you of the 0% possibility of it happening due to previous staff comments on such topic, was you. The people that mentioned it in the past were just trolling you, or simply misinformed. I'm glad you realize introducing CRA was a poor suggestion, as the server is currently not even remotely close for something that "new" and will assuredly destroy the market when those gear pieces become obtainable somehow.

    I do agree with you on one thing, that is the 2 party boss fights. A much more realistic suggestion (and correct chronological move) would to be implement Empress Cygnus. With the release of Future Henny/Future Ereve and all the associated areas, that would possibly stimulate the playerbase to push for more endgame interaction with eachother. The high level training maps that you so desperately desire would be added (Second Drill Hall, Hall of Honor, etc...), a "new" endgame boss and gearset would be implemented (level 140), and people would work together to fight the boss. I could definitely see some sort of rotation of the top 24 people working together to do daily/weekly/whatever the reset is Empress runs and have a pretty good flow of Empress items in the market. However, this will also lead to power creep with things such as set bonuses from these items. Also, the fact that I don't think Empress is capable of being killed without the Potential system introduces another problem into the mix of reworking the boss. Maybe something from a much later patch could be imported (Easy Empress Cygnus), but I'm not sure about the logistics or necessity for such a thing to happen.

    Adding more classes would not help the community, it will only introduce power creep into the game that this server doesn't need any more of (see Aran on ice-weak bosses vs any other class). The someone who mentioned adding new classes would peak interest for a short time was me. If you want to have a discussion, don't omit those that have stated viewpoints against yours because you can't provide substantial reasoning for your thoughts. I feel adding new classes will stimulate the playerbase for a short period of time because people are already set on what they want to play, having washed/made gear for their mains, and those who join the server due to a massive update will likely go on to a new server after a short while here. It's a very common trend in every sort of "new" thing. Once the hype dies down, we'll be right back to where we started with just the dedicated playerbase, and maybe a couple new faces who decided to stick around.

    While yes, the custom content here like the HP Questline, Waistwarmer belt, custom events, and everything else is fun and appealing, I don't see the need to mention an "anti cheat system(s)" as some sort of appeal. It's to be expected, whether it's working adequately or not is another topic for discussion.

    Overall, I respect your opinions on this server, and it's clear you want something to happen to draw in new players. You're not the only one, that's something we're all hoping for. Hopefully something can be done and we'll see a great surge of new faces and won't have to deal with the problems that come with such a small community (market manipulation, being excluded from boss runs due to not knowing the right people). But for now, just keep dealing with it, or move on.
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  13. iWill

    iWill Getting involved

    I never mentioned above, whom I was talking about it with or how the conversation started. I specifically said I heard some people mentioning it did not say where.
    Please Calm down this is a SUGGESTION there is no need to contine to bash it if you don't agree with it give your reasons why and thats it.

    All I was trying to do is take initiative to try to SUGGEST a way to increase community, more game play, etc.
    I get it might have made suggestions you don't agree with that's fine say your peace your entitled to it.

    Now you've mentioned power creep already. If you want to bring up power creep take out White scrolls? Isn't that technically the same thing?
    Scrolling Perfect equips to taken on bosses to kill faster etc? There are many ways that having new classes WILL help the community and as a
    Coder I do COMPLETELY understand the work that would have to follow with adding the classes then testing them to make them balance
    after all everyone knows Aran's are OP but are weakened by the lower amount of HP that they get as well as Archive with Hp washing.
    I'm not just saying myself but I like the Idea of having more options some people in this server whom I've asked prefer some classes but are
    basically SOL and pick whats available. I think with DB's as well as Resistance and leave it at that nerf some of the classes till a balance can correctly
    be made for all the new classes and work from there. I know that's allot of work and the Staff I'm sure already has allot they are already doing and are
    doing there best to increase the community base as best they can.
    this is only a suggestion.
  14. Pyrogore

    Pyrogore Well-Known

    Easy Empress Cygnus actually wouldn't be too far fetched of an idea, given the fact that GMS Pink Bean was intended to be fought with potential as well. The gearset would require some brainstorming though (VIP weapons would be more probable than lvl 140 weapons, as to not upset the value of current end-game weapons too much).

    The ONLY reason Arans in this server aren't nerfed to crap (like they were in later patches) is because of the nostalgic factor of how strong they were when they first started. Like it or not, they are a selling point to a v.0.83 server. New classes progressively became stronger through Nexon's carelessness (it was easier to $ell an OP class, rather than a weak class) so a nerf would be required to avoid a power creep. Bear in mind though that this contradicts the previous point in keeping Arans strong the way they are as a means of preserving nostalgia, people WILL expect the new classes to be in their broken glory.
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  15. Distort

    Distort Well-Known

    I'm done responding to your post on this topic, I've laid out my stance and reasoning behind why I feel the way I do. My responses to you were not meant to be taken as "bashing", but rather as an opposing viewpoint and challenging/questioning you why you feel the way you do -- which you completely neglected to even attempt to answer.

    Let me try to teach you about power creep, seeing as you still don't quite grasp the concept. Power creep is the slow and (in)deliberate increase in the base-power/damage/health of everything in a game over time which eventually morphs the way it's played. An example, one you hopefully will know of, is the Potential system in Maple. It turned a simple game of around 1.4k max stat possible at level200 with good gear to a game where people have upwards of 70,000 mainstat and over 500 attack on their weapons. Likening White Scrolls to power creep is a very poor and misguided thought. While Scrolls simply remove the risk of a slot being removed if the scroll used fails. There are other items that also function similarly to this, Clean Slate Scrolls. These items don't enable you to do anything that would be otherwise impossible, they simply make it a much less risky process.

    Arans aren't "weakened by the lower amount of HP that they get" and i'm not exactly sure what Archive with Hp washing means. The "lower HP" Arans get is very easily mitigated by the mind-numbingly easy Warrior HP washing MP cost, as opposed to other classes like Corsair or Night Lord, and the fact they get a skill that directly reduces the damage received by all party members by a set % amount (Combo Barrier).

    I am aware this is just a suggestion. I am simply providing you with insight as to what others think, and reasons why this is a poor suggestion not from only a community aspect, but a time spent vs reward for the Staff that would have to deal with this nightmare.
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  16. Saitama

    Saitama Well-Known

    To be fair, Arans do have a harder time washing than normal warriors. Aran's dont have max HP increase, which also applies to AP being applied to HP. Arans only average 32HP per AP (30-34), opposed to the 52 normal warriors get, which is a decrease in HP gain of around 40%. That does make them harder to wash since they are also a melee class. And unlike hero/paladin, they don't get power guard either which soaks a lot of touch damage. They are glass cannon warriors.
  17. SweetPayback

    SweetPayback Old Faithful

    Aran washing is a piece of cake in comparison with ranged + their end game weapon is cheap to make + combo drain has broken scaling with dps.
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  18. iWill

    iWill Getting involved

    Your opinion is yours and yours only, you cant say everyone feels the same or use that as a reason to back your statements, some people
    Started playing GMS with Dual Bladers and Resistance and its what they are use to. Granted after looking over the update highlights v92
    is a huge jump and isnt needed v88 is perfectly fine.

    I'm not an idiot I completely understand power creep, but your reasoning behind bringing it up is not factual.

    Yes with new classes does come new equips and stronger characters that require skill balances, but currently the game ITSELF
    IS A POWER CREEP regardless of adding more classes or not. Newer bosses or people wanting to Solo bosses/ 1 party bosses that
    belong having 2 parties is a power creep, Being able to scroll perfect equipment in my eyes is a power creep in order to do MORE damage
    to bosses in a short amount of time and survive without HB or the need for really anything other than SE to me SCREAMS power creep.
    That being said your argument is invalid and I haven't "neglected" any of your "questions"

    Adding options will always bring more interest as well as keep people because of having more MORE options,that's not an opinion those are facts.
    Having more classes to choose from makes it fun! Makes the party Dynamic change!!
    Look at it this way.

    Mages are not needed for a party unless for HS,or Holy Shield.
    Introducing Battle-mage and Evan gives people 2 options to play a mage class that they Like Or have equip scrolled for to be
    included in a DPS/ Damage Party to Kill a boss instead of just being a muIe

    Dual Bladers have a decent DPS with that cool Skill Thorns that will give non-critical rate classes a chance of 17.5% to hit critical! Without SE
    almost basically removing SE as a DRASTIC need in parties!!

    Wild Hunters- Have extreme mobility as well as mobile DPS while moving can use similar like Hurricane attack With
    a Kind of full map attack with a moderate cool down, Can be used in place of a BM/MM for SE!

    Mechanic gives a Decent DPS with little mobility but a Skill that lets you Heal Your parties HP/MP!!!
    Which is extremely helpful on bosses like Pink Bean!

    All those classes give more options to players that want to experience more out of maple with out Sacrificing the need to switch to a different
    server which really isn't needed

    I feel adding new classes will stimulate the playerbase for a short period of time because people are already set on what they want to play, having washed/made gear for their mains, and those who join the server due to a massive update will likely go on to a new server after a short while here. It's a very common trend in every sort of "new" thing. Once the hype dies down, we'll be right back to where we started with just the dedicated playerbase, and maybe a couple new faces who decided to stick around.

    So your saying you don't faith in the server or the community to keep new players after the "hype goes away"
    Because if you did you would realized the reason that keeps allot of people is the Friendly community!!!
    and Content like Boss PQ!!! It makes it fun!! it gives you a taste of a boss without having to do like the prequests for!
    Not all people get to experience Ariel from PB because they dont have the means to get into a PB party or just dont have
    the time for all that! BUT can still experience it briefly in hard boss at soloman and HEBPQ with Ariel!
    GuildHQ!! Awesome!!!! Super useful tool! Costum HP quests! Pet attack equips ETC.!!!!
    I can go on for a WHILE about how much content there is to keep players interested and coming back Why wouldnt they !!!!
    I LOVE the fact that the exp multiplier Amount lowers! The higher level you go !!

    But back to the basis of my suggestion!!!
    Adding more classes gives more players options, peaks interest in a server that might otherwised be overlooked.
    I also want to point out that I do agree with adding a Nerfed version of Cygnus to the server to give the option of the gear she drops
    and I stand by my point of bringing Chaos bosses to the table!!
    I also agree with adding Future Hene as well as a training Area!!! that @panatown mentioned.
    Once again these are only suggestions :D
    I do NOT think its a Bad suggestion Like you had asked me to say in a PM @Distort
    Cause the only bad suggestion I thought I mentioned was a wipe.[/QUOTE][/QUOTE]
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  19. Atticus Lee

    Atticus Lee Oldie Event Winner

    That's not what powercreep is. Powercreeps are later additions that increase the power ceiling without adjusting all other contents. Perfected weapons have always been part of the power ceiling even in GMS (albeit needing blind luck to pass seven 10% scrolls in a row). White Scrolls just make it less incredibly luck-reliant, and every class has the opportunity to get perfected weapons (cost aside). Evans and Dualbladers are inherently strong due to their skillset that all other classes DON'T get.

    Just having more options doesn't mean people will suddenly start diversifying party compositions. Even with the base classes we have right now, no one cares about the diversity and they stick to the meta composition of DrK, 4 NL/Aran, and BM (SE). You might see some Alternate DPS classes around, but anyone below that only belongs to a couple individuals or belong to individuals who also have made one of the meta-classes.

    Ignoring Resistance comments because those are post-BB, BUT I have no doubt that unadjusted Evans and DualBladers WOULD move the meta. But that has more to do with the reason that they're both inherently OP compared to current classes, than for the reason that more classes are being added.

    Even the "friendly community" is dying due to lack of content. And most of them have made their own personal chats for out-of-game talks anyways so there are less reasons to really be online.

    I've done all of those contents and there's nothing to do now. BPQ isn't fun after you've completed it a couple times and then only do it for points afterwards. Ariel and Solomon are certainly a different experience than the usual boss, but once you get the groove down you're still just spamming the skill key to beat it.
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  20. panatown

    panatown Community Member

    I believe distort was the one who suggested that