Scheduled Update 3/7/2018

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    There will be a Server update on March 7th, 2018, at 23:00 servertime.
    The estimate downtime is around 2 hours, subject to change at any time.

    Update highlights:
    • Guild HQ system revamp The Guild HQ system will be reintroduced next week, during the Anniversary patch.
    • Introduction of assets for the upcoming Anniversary event.
      • Event client edits and UI.wz edits will however be pushed during the Anniversary patch, along with a new DestinyLauncher version.
      • The event itself will begin the week after this patch - it will be regularly scheduled in advance.
    • Removal of the Valentines event (VPQ).
    • Various gameplay fixes / QoL changes.

    New WZ files and a new Client version will be made available for download.

    Do note that extra features, not included in the highlights up here, may be added during the update.
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    The update time has been set, the post updated.

    As a major difference from the expected update features, GuildHQ/PQ system revamp has been moved to the next week, during which we will be pushing our Anniversary event live aswell.
    This is because it needs extra polishing and testing, before being released in a worthy state.

    Due to this, we decided to instead push some accepted suggestions implementations in its place, this week. More about this will be made available in tomorrow's patch notes.
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    As anticipated on Discord, due to today's unexpected host downtime, update's been rescheduled for tomorrow, 8th of March, at the same hour.
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    Game Update:
    • Valentines PQ has been closed.
    • Friendly monsters (eg. Moon Bunny) will now properly display their HP bar, and the damage taken.
    • Pet Equipment obtained from our custom Questline will now preserve their previous stats, in addition to receiving the Attack bonus and becoming untradeable.
    • Chris the Ore refiner from Kerning City will now accept max 1000 ores to be refined at once, up from 100.
      • Other refiners had already been modified. Should you notice any Ore refiner that's still limited to up to 100 ores, please report them to us.

    Client Update:
    • Cash items (both Equipment and items from the Cash tab) can now be traded.
      • Items from the Cash tab can now be traded or dropped in bundles, rather than one by one.
    • Spouse Chat color has been altered to a less eye-straining value.
    • The client window title is now "MapleDestiny" instead of "MapleStory".
    • Two new Super Megaphone types have been introduced. They will be made available during the Anniversary event.

    WZ Update:
    • Single Serving Chocolate Chair (Valentines' Astaroth Grand Prize chair) has been repositioned not to fall under the terrain.
    • Added some of the assets for the upcoming Anniversary event:
      • Dorothea, the Event assistant, received a new outfit for the occasion.
      • Cake Megaphone and Pie Megaphone have been added.
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