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Discussion in 'Game Help' started by OhMyCode, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. OhMyCode

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    Hello everyone,

    so i rly like collecting monster cards, but ive noticed that on the very first set (the red one), there are 2 monsters (muru and the bigger one) that are only accesible to Aran on their training grounds (which are locked to every1 else). does this mean that only aran can complete the set, or can other classes get in there somehow? are there any other monsters that only certain classes\people get access to?

    Thx for the help!!!
  2. Atticus Lee

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    I believe what you'd have to do is get a new Aran character on the island and then teleport-rock to it.
  3. OhMyCode

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    Ok, thats pretty clever. Thx a-lot!!!
  4. Indie

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    Mmmm. I thought they were in the training maps that are already accessible to people, between Rien and its harbor map; I might be wrong though, in which case we'll see what we can do to make them "public". c:
  5. OhMyCode

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    that would be great, thx!
  6. RainyCloud

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    @Indie They were previously only available if you have the Aran beginner quest active. Is it possible to fight the prime minister to obtain 5 cards in the mushroom kingdom? additionally are the gold yeti and king pepe, white yeti and king pepe, Grey yeti and king pepe in mushroom kingdom coded as mob card droprate or boss droprate (feel free to not comment on the pepe's as that's less important.)
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  7. Indie

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    The Pepe cards should be coded as mob card droprate.
    And, yes, I'll be setting the Prime Minister to be able to be fought multiple times, that was an oversight by me when I originally coded that quest.
    Likely to come on the weekly restart two weeks from now.
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