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Discussion in 'Game Help' started by sodliersboot, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. sodliersboot

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    Hey guys, I was wondering what the policy is on dormant/unused character nicknames. I would love to change my IGN to something I've been using on everything since like 10, but turns out there is a lvl 1 character with the same name and it didn't move up a level for quite a while. Is there a way to retrieve/obtain this username? Please let me know!
  2. Atticus Lee

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    Characters below level 30 can have their IGN taken if they've been inactive for 30 days. You'll need 15 Donor Points and to speak with a GM ingame.
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  3. sodliersboot

    sodliersboot The new guy

    Thank you! Does anyone have an idea approximately when donations will be available again?
  4. Slazzy

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    This is all we've got to go on.
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