Unscheduled Maintenance 4/13/2018

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    There will be an unscheduled Server restart on April 13th, 2018, at 21:00 servertime.

    This restart will address the following:
    • Reactivation of the 1v1 Event challenge.
      • The Bosses will no longer grant on-hit rewards until the warpout when brought to full health.
      • Players will now be informed on which Team they've been assigned for the current match, upon entrance.
    • All the Party Quests that should be eligible for the Daily PQ challenge will now correctly complete the relative quest.
    • Murphy the Hair stylist will no longer crash the client when presenting the haircuts list.

    No new files will be required to download, and the estimate downtime is around 30 minutes.
    We're sorry for the inconvenience.

    Please plan accordingly!
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    Important note:

    While there will not be new WZ files to download, there will be a new Client version that you will be required to get, in order to be able to obtain the new Event haircuts.
    Downloads will be made available during the downtime; the ETA of the downtime will however not be changed, as the new Client upload will be quick.
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    Update 4/13/2018

    Game Update:
    • Anniversary Event:
      • Fixed an issue with the Boss full health check that failed to consider the match to be over once the Boss was at 100% HPs for the first time.
      • Added a message that shows up in a player's chat upon Event entry, that informs the player on which team they've been assigned for the current match.
      • The following Party Quests now correctly register for the daily PQ challenge quest upon completion:
        • Henesys PQ
        • Kerning PQ
        • Ludibrium PQ
        • Orbis PQ
        • Amoria PQ
        • Guild PQ
        • (CWKPQ was already functioning.)

    Client Update:
    • Stylist NPCs will no longer forcefully crash the client when trying to display a haircut with ID over 40000.
      • Due to this fix, Murphy and his Event haircuts are now available (in Henesys, near the Taxi area).
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