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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pyrogore, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Pyrogore

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    BPQs are somewhat of a flagship offering of this server. Why not add more and spice things up again?

    I'll get right to the point: add a couple more BPQ types and utilize the dojo skill system. The skills don't have to be the same exact ones the dojo uses, they can be longer in duration or have a different effect. Maybe the 3 skills available could be class specific or maybe they could stay universal. The skills available could be different from each BPQ, and pots/use items can still be used (and maybe stack in some cases with the skill?). The new BPQs could be targeted as challenges for end-game levels to try (harder than HeBPQ but less time consuming?) Instead of BPQ points for these PQs, there could be a bonus room with chests containing rare items. The new BPQs could either be a part of the current 3x daily quantity that the classic BPQs are limited by, or could have their own daily quantities.
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  2. Indie

    Indie Pasta Manufacturer Admin Developer Staff

    We're thinking of revamping BPQ as a whole.
    If it goes through, this would be a big revamp in one of our monthly patches (definitely not May's, as I'm focusing that one on bug fixes and content release; I won't promise anything about it yet, as there's nothing already set in stone), and it'd be aimed at bringing BPQ back to the spotlight it's supposed to have.

    We're gonna be looking for community ideas/feedback once we start working on it, so this is a welcomed topic. c:
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  3. Atticus Lee

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    Is Mayhem a bust?
  4. Indie

    Indie Pasta Manufacturer Admin Developer Staff

    Mayhem is a special BossPQ, so it's included in this:
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  5. Daniels

    Daniels Well-Known Donator

    Move this suggestion to soft or approved?
  6. Indie

    Indie Pasta Manufacturer Admin Developer Staff

    Mmm. Not quite yet, as I prefer not giving out the idea that we're already working on it (it's not among the current projects). I'll be moving it to soft-approved as soon as we decide to focus on this.

    In these days I'm working on a completely different thing, that, if turns out to be feasible, should get hinted at in a Developer Update post during the week. c:
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  7. Broto

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    a suggestion, you could add a prize whenever BPQ is finished, it may be something symbolic, but I believe that a bonus whenever we finish BPQ would be cool.