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  1. Melodylynn

    Melodylynn The new guy

    So since donations are disabled, does that mean its currently impossible for me to get a character namechange?
  2. SweetPayback

    SweetPayback Old Faithful

    It might take a while
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  3. Foxtrot

    Foxtrot GM Staff Staff

    It is still possible for you to get a name change if you purchase Red Luck Sacks in-game and swap them for donor points. From there all you need to do is @gm or message a staff member on discord and we can get your name changed for you.
  4. SweetPayback

    SweetPayback Old Faithful

    There are no new RLS since January, you can't find a single person selling them as i know of
  5. Melodylynn

    Melodylynn The new guy

    thank you for the replies. ill just be patient until we hear more from Zelda.
  6. Pyrogore

    Pyrogore Well-Known

    @Zelda any updates/timeline on when donations will be up again? Or any serious obstacles/bottlenecks the community should know about?
  7. Distort

    Distort Active

    I remember seeing it in the Shoutbox, and it's since been purged, but @Indie said something along the lines of "There's been no major progress on the matter, thus nothing has to be/has been said" (I apologize for very likely misquoting that, I'm simply going off of memory, absolutely correct me if you feel what I've said wasn't representative of your actual words, Davi). On April 30, @Zelda said they've contacted PayPal and are currently waiting for an email. However, this message clearly has gone over the community's head seeing as someone like you, Pyro, who likes to stay informed missed it. This confuses me because, seen below, Zelda said she'd try harder to keep us, her community, informed on what's going on.

    Since that quote, there have been exactly 4 other messages provided directly from her on the forum, and 4 messages from her on the server's Discord after her promise to "work harder" and be more transparent. I suppose this is more than the past, but it still leaves me wanting more interaction and communication directly from her to the players.
  8. Pyrogore

    Pyrogore Well-Known

    Hopefully all works out in the end with PayPal, thanks for the info @Distort
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