[Krexel Release] Here comes the Tree!

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    Krexel is now available on MapleDestiny!


    In order to challenge Krexel, you will first need to complete its boss prequests. Ralph the Wanderer, in Boat Quay Town, will be able to help you out with that!


    When you feel ready, head over to Singapore: Ruins of Krexel I, and enter the topmost portal.
    Remember: you can enter only up to 3 times a day!

    Other players may join the fight, until the Boss is spawned by destroying the tree branch in the middle of the tree.
    Once the fight begins, there's no going back!

    The Requirements

    In order to face Krexel, you need to meet these requirements:
    • Be atleast level 90.
    • Be in a channel where Krexel is not being challenged yet (you can enter until it's summoned).
    • Have faced Krexel less than 3 times during the day.

    The Prizes

    If you defeat Krexel, you have a chance to obtain the following prizes:
    • [​IMG]
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      Spider Venom Earrings
    • [​IMG] Kangaroo Pet
    • [​IMG] Boxing Gloves (Kangaroo pet equipment)
    • Various Scrolls and Mastery Books.
    Good luck on your hunt! And remember: recycling saves forests!
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