20b+ Giveaway (01:00 @servertime 02.07)

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  1. Deano

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    Hello guys!

    I know this is on a very short notice, however I've been feeling extra generous tonight!

    My name is Dean (ign: Pistol) and I've played this server on and off for about 2 years now, which I really enjoyed but as every thing in life, my "lifetime" in MapleDestiny has come to an end. I'm just too busy focusing myself on more important things in life right thus my desire to make some of YOUR lifes in this game easier!

    I'll be hosting a player hosted event under the name "Around The World".
    The event consists a various number of separate events such as (but not limited to) - Jump Quest, Hide and Seek, Name The Item, Repeat The Line, Question and Answer, etc...)
    I'll be waiting for all of you at exactly 01:00 am (like a hour and a half from the time this thread is going to be posted, so you could all have a little bit of time to invite your friends, prepare yourselves) in CH 3 FM 3!

    Last but not least - the prize pool:

    1 5OO OOO OOO mesos

    20 White Scrolls

    18 att PGC
    14 att FS
    15 att BWG

    21 Int Overall
    14 Int Shoe
    8 Int Glove
    9 Int Wooden Wand
    33 Int Zak Helm
    12 Int 13 M.Att Earrings
    + a lot more Int Equips

    7str /8 dex Spectrum Goggles
    6 att / 6 m.att Strawberry Popsicle
    53/53/52/52 Horntail Necklace

    30 AP Resets
    40+ Rare NX Items
    5 Chairs
    5 Event Tickets
    All Kind of scrolls
    A bunch of nice clean equips
    All sorts of valuable items

    Invite all of your friends and I'll see you there!

    PS: Goodbye and Thanks everyone for making my stay the best it could possibly be!
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  2. Deano

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    Thanks to everyone who participated! Hope you guys had fun because I definitely did!

    Goodbye and lots of luck to all of you :heart:
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    Good Deano! :heart:
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  4. Luuqqq

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    if u are the Dean from ROME then godbless to u and i wish u all the best
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  5. NDwithRuii

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    He is the one from ROME , Dean wish you all the best man ! :heart:
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