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    Hello, Destiny players! It's time for another announcement concerning our current server situation.
    For this time, we're going to have news about Staff management and position changes, and about some long-awaited features being (re)introduced.

    Thanks for the meowmories ~

    No one would have expected this day to come, but unfortunately, everyone, sooner or later, reaches the day when they no longer feel the drive needed to push forward with such a heavy task on their shoulders.
    Zelda has decided to step down from administration and management of MapleDestiny; our beloved Server Mom will still be around, though, filling our daily routine with kittens from a Game Moderator position.

    Back tofor the Future

    It was the beginning of April, and we were waving goodbye to Cipher and Exodus, while they were passing me the administration torch, to share with Zelda.

    And now, as if time had just frozen, here I am, announcing the return of both Cipher and Exodus, as co-Owners and Administrators of our server, alongside myself! They have been contributing an incredible lot, behind the scenes, to provide the new features that we're about to announce in this very post.
    They will both have some words to reintroduce themselves, so I'll leave them their space for it. c:

    Next level moderation

    It's time for more Staff promotions!

    Both Jay and Slazzy have always been around, doing way more than what a Forum Moderator would be expected to do, even behind the scenes.
    It's because of this that they are now being promoted as full Game Moderators, and will be able to assist you all even more easily. Congratulations!

    "Free" healthcare for everyone?

    HP washing in order to reach specific bossing-safe health threshold is being seen as an obstacle (be it real or just perceived) that hinders not only a healthy character progression, but even the player's actual interest in sticking to the game until the endgame content.

    On the other hand, a lot of past and present players have been working hard on their Int equipment and NX saving, in order to afford those big health pools; we wouldn't want to nullify their efforts, investment and dedication.

    With this in mind, and thanks to the feedback received when we last discussed about proposed HP changes, our solution to this will be a new set of HP quests.
    These quests will reward a tiny amount of HPs per completion, and will be repeatable many times. This will give players a feeling of progression and satisfaction, without being too heavy of a burden that would go against character growth.

    HP washing will not be removed. This means that the new Quests will simply be a NX/int -free alternative to the old methods our players were accustomed to.

    New Challenges

    Along with the HP changes, we are close to the release of two new PQs:
    • Ariant PQ
      Catch as many monsters as you can before the time runs out, to score more points than your opponents!
    • Ellin Forest PQ
      Protect the Ellin Forest from a mysterious polluter, with the help of your team members!
    More info on the PQs in their release announcements.

    [​IMG] (wip design btw)

    MapleDestiny Rules 2.0

    We will soon rewrite the Rules section of MapleDestiny: this will allow our Staff to assist players without having to excessively interpret and offer a case-by-case treatment for issues that should instead be covered by a general rule.

    Thanks for supporting us!

    They've been asked for, they've been delayed due to technical issues, schedule issues, time constraint, miscellaneous issues... They've basically seen and waited it all.
    But, they're finally back. MapleDestiny officially reopens Donations!

    In order to donate, simply navigate to the Donations page of our website, and press the button that will bring you to the PayPal donations form.
    Please make sure to be familiar with the donation rules and features, that are listed in the website page itself!

    Additionally, to celebrate the grand reopening, we will be running a donation incentive event: by donating a total of 10 USD (not necessarily all in the same donation), you will also receive the exclusive Fennec Fox pet, and its Pet Equipment.

    • The donor incentive will not be effective immediately, however every donation made starting today will be eligible for the incentive, as soon as it will be implemented.
    • The DP cost of VIP Teleport Rock has been reduced from 20DP to 15DP.
    • Donor GHQ is not activated yet, it will be reimplemented in the upcoming restart.

    Fennec Fox (open)

    I'll wrap this post by thanking everyone who keeps believing in us and enjoying what we have to offer.

    We've had good times and bad times, throughout our journey, but we've always been here, and we'll keep being your second home for as long as you'll want. c:
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    Hey there, Destiny!

    I know it's been a while, but it seems that you can never truly leave home. c: Effective immediately, I will be coming back to MapleDestiny, and I am ecstatic about working alongside @Exodus and @Indie in co-owning and leading the server towards success!
    As Indie said, we've already done some behind-the-scenes work (such as the reintroduction of donations and extensive reorganization and planning), and soon enough, you'll get to see the promised results!
    MapleDestiny has never had such a large administration or development team, and I hope all of you are just as excited as I am to bring some liveliness back to this place. ^_^

    See you in-game!
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    Indie found me, please send help.

    In all seriousness, I am happy to be back to work with my two good friends and the rest of the staff on our new ventures as co-owner.
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