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    Maple Destiny Terms of Service

    Welcome to Maple Destiny and thank you for choosing to play with us!
    By registering an in-game or forum account you are agreeing to what is found in this thread. Ignorance is not an excuse and will never be accepted as one.
    1. Rules are always subject to change according to administrative decision. Following this post will be a change log, and it is your responsibility to check for updates.
    2. The rules are to be interpreted by Staff, not players. Staff may give lesser or more severe punishment at their discretion. Just because staff chose to be lenient with one person does not mean they have to be lenient with you. Favoritism does not apply here, and any serious concern about favoritism should be reported to an Administrator immediately.
    3. Appealing an offence must be handled by moderating staff that issued the punishment. Staff members can not handle other staff members' appeals. This excludes Administrators, and the Head GM.

    Staff list:
    • Indie: Co-Owner / Administrator / Developer
    • Exodus: Co-Owner / Administrator / Developer
    • Cipher: Co-Owner / Administrator / Developer
    • Mufasa: Developer / GM
    • Alec: Developer / GM
    • Foxtrot: Head GM
    • Jay: GM / Forum Moderator
    • Slazzy: GM / Forum Moderator
    • Cuppy: GM
    • Aerys: GM
    • Bane: GM

    Administrative Decision
    As owners and operators of MapleDestiny, administrators hold the right to deny any person access to the private server. If there is a unanimous admin approval, a player may be excluded for reasons other than stated in the rules.

    Account Sharing
    Keep your account password, and PIC private. No staff members will ever ask you for these details. If you choose to share accounts with other players, you are assuming all associated risks including (but not limited to) loss of items, deletion of characters, and cross-account bans.

    Multiple players per household
    If you and someone else on your shared connection want to play our server, please contact an Administrator to have your accounts white-listed and protected against possible NX abuse suspicion (may require proof). This also applies for people who play in internet cafes.

    Ban Evasion
    If you have been banned from the game for any reason, please just wait out your punishment or post a ban appeal on the forums. Attempting to bypass your ban will result in a harsher punishment.

    Donation Charge Back
    When donating to Maple Destiny we assume that all information provided, including paypal and credit card, are owned by you or you have permission to use it. When donating you are agreeing that this is a donation and not a purchase of any kind meaning that you are not to expect anything in return for donating. Donations are used to ensure the security of the game server. If a charge back is issued, you will be barred from ever returning to play at Maple Destiny, or be a part of the community. We have the right to shut down our service at anytime- we also have the right to deny service to anyone. Donations are given out of courtesy to us, if this were to happen there would be no refunds given.

    Donation Fraud
    All donations are final, and we take fraud very seriously. If we suspect you of fraudulent activities, or know that you have committed fraud, we will notify the IC3 and refund the payment immediately.

    Offensive In-game names
    Replacing letters for lower case letters, or numbers, to bypass the name filter in order to use "offensive" or banned words is unacceptable. Named will be replaced with a random name, and you will have to contact a staff member to have it changed to something more appropriate.
    If we receive reports about your in-game name, and the staff also agree that your in-game name is offensive or rude, then you will be forced to change your in-game name. If you refuse, a name will be chosen for you. This is non negotiable.

    In-game offences

    Hacking / Packet editing / WZ editing
    Any and all hacking or packet editing is strictly prohibited. Using any kind of third party programs or software to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players will result in being blocked from the game.
    Any unauthorized WZ edits are also prohibited, including minor visual changes to skills, items, etc. The only outside WZ edit we allow is a UI edit (that changes the appearance of your UI) or the Lightbulb fix (provided on our downloads page).
    Punishment: Permanent ban

    NX abuse / Vote abuse
    Regardless of how many accounts you have on Maple Destiny, every player is only allowed to vote once per vote link, per 24 hours. This means that you may not vote for us on a second account with your phone, work computer, proxy, etc. Making accounts for the sole purpose of farming NX achievements, or having friends vote for you on their own IP falls under the category of NX abuse. If a player quits playing and continues to vote on their account but allows you to use their account, or you somehow gain access to the account, you can not take that NX- this is also considered vote abuse. If you are playing with multiple people on the same connection, please contact an Administrator.
    Punishment: Permanent ban

    Real Money Trades / Account Selling
    Any attempts to sell or buy in-game accounts, items, or currency for real money or outside currencies (including but not limited to currency/accounts/items on other video games, or other maplestory servers), will result in all parties being blocked from the game. Selling or buying of Maple Destiny accounts for in-game currency is also prohibited. In-game name selling and trading is allowed.
    If you suspect someone to be attempting RMT, please report it to an administrator immediately.
    Punishment: Permanent ban


    Advertising other servers, websites, or forums will result in an immediate ban. Advertising social media is also not allowed, though you may talk about it in our off-topic section. Anyone seen advertising in smegas, private chats, or public areas will be banned.
    Punishment: Permanent ban

    Impersonating staff / Disrespecting staff

    Speaking rudely to staff members, no matter what the rank, is never okay. We are here to help you with your game related issues, and no matter how frustrated you get, you are expected to speak to all staff members with respect. Failure to do so will result in your account being banned, or award you with a harsher punishment if you're already being punished. A formal apology to the offended staff member and the administrators may result in a one time lesser punishment.
    Accusing any staff member of "GM funding", favoritism, or any sort of preferential treatment is an extremely serious accusation and must be accompanied by valid proof and/or legitimate and believable concerns. Saying that it's a "joke" is no excuse and will fall under this category. Any suspicion of power abuse will be investigated thoroughly.
    Impersonating staff is against the rules. Don't do it, it's not funny.
    Possible punishments: Temporary ban, Permanent ban


    Botting is not an acceptable form of game-play. This is NOT limited to botting programs! We expect our players to pay attention to the game, even while farming.
    If a GM suspects you of botting, they will prompt you for a confirmation. If you respond incorrectly, they will come out of hide and attempt to speak to you. If you do not reply to either the prompt for confirmation or direct messages from staff, you will be banned for botting. Severity of the punishment is up to the discretion of the staff member.
    Possible punishments: Warning, Temporary ban, Permanent ban

    Glitch abuse / Boss glitch abuse
    If you find a bug or glitch in game, report it! Do not exploit the bug thinking you'll go undetected (we always find the people who do). Exploiting bugs is very serious, and may result in your account being blocked from the game.
    Glitching a boss to stop attacking, or stop casting spells will result in a ban.
    Possible punishments: Warning, Temporary ban, Permanent ban

    Scamming / Fake Bidding
    Attempting to steal another persons items, or obtaining items from a player via an unintended method would fall under the category of scamming. This includes (but is not limited to): looting someone else's items when players are making drop-trades, offering to trade fame then not returning the fame, or agreeing to split boss loots a certain way and not following through on the agreement.
    When selling items in game, it is not acceptable to raise the asking prices with fake bids, or asking your friends to put in bids on your items. Raising the A/W (Auto-Win price) of an item after you've agreed to sell it, also falls into the category and may lead you to have your account blocked from the game.
    If someone reports a scam with photo proof, you will be given one chance to return the items. If history repeats itself, you will be punished accordingly. It is your responsibility as a player to document trades.
    Possible punishments: Removal of items, Temporary ban, Permanent ban

    Racism / Harassment
    Harassment is, by nature, a very subjective term. Whispering threats, following players around to annoy them, mass defame (around 10 fames or defames when not requested) are all considered harassment, and there are many more things that can fall under this category.
    Though you may be in a dispute with another player, it is still expected that you will treat each other with some respect. Please don't report somebody for this if they called you "noob" or something on that level, but if it is serious harassment or a personal attack, we encourage you to take screen shots of the entire discussion, and reporting the issue on the forum. Please try to be kind to others and solve player disputes before they get out of hand.
    Racism is never acceptable. Different people take offence to different things, and on the internet it's best to try to respect that. Blatant use of racial slurs or racist remarks in public areas (FM, All chat, Smegas) may result in you being blocked from the game.
    Possible punishments: Warning, Temporary ban, Permanent ban

    PQ multi / Mules
    While we do allow players to create mules for various reasons, creating mules for the sake of fame, NX achievements, harassment, "claiming" maps, or signing up to boss events or PQs is against the rules.
    Setting up two different computers instead of multi-clienting does not exempt you from this rule.
    Holding multiple area boss maps with mules is prohibited.
    Weddings are a form of PQ, and therefore also fall under this rule.
    Where you can multi-client: Headless horseman, Big foot, Anego, Pianus, BGA/BGB/The boss
    Where you can not multi-client: Papulatus, Scarlion/Targra, Zakum, Horntail, Pink Bean, Boss PQ, Krexel
    Possible punishments: Warning, Temporary ban, Permanent ban

    Super Megaphones: Spam and offensive language
    Super Megaphone spam is considered to be anything more than 6 lines of megaphone text in less than 20 seconds. This includes the triple megaphones.
    Racial slurs, insulting other players, or just downright crude comments made in smegas may result in your account being blocked from the game. Super megaphones must be in English only, so that all of our staff can properly moderate them.
    Severity of the punishment is up to the discretion of the staff member.
    Possible punishments: Warning, Mute, Temporary ban, Permanent ban

    @GM command abuse
    This command is to call a GM when you are in need of help, or questions. Misuse of this command is forbidden IE: Spamming the command, being rude to GMs, claims that don't warrant GM assistance. Severity of the punishment is up to the discretion of the staff members online at the time of the offence.
    Possible punishments: Warning, Mute, Temporary ban, Permanent ban

    Kill stealing and map ownership
    If you do not own the map, then do not attack the mobs on it. The first person on the map, who is actively attacking is the map owner. If they idle for longer than 3 minutes (not attacking), die, or leave the map for any reason, then they forfeit the map and any mobs on that map (including area bosses).
    By using the command @mapowner you can view who is the current owner of the map.
    If you are being KS'd please take a screen shot of @mapowner, and call a GM. If no GM is present, please make a player report and include your screenshots and the offender(s) will be punished accordingly.
    Possible punishments: Warning, Temporary ban, Permanent ban

    Compensation AKA Refund Policy
    It is your responsibility as a player to protect yourself by screen shotting, or taking video of suspicious activities, harassment, or in case of item loss. Screen shots are more likely to be accepted if you have @servertime showing in your chat.
    1. You are completely responsible for your own account, sharing information is frowned upon and you assume all risks when doing so. If you lose items because of account sharing, you will not be reimbursed.
    2. All donations are final, and no refunds will be issued. We will not move around DP for you if a mistake is made.
    3. If you have been hacked (keylogged, phished, etc), you will only be compensated if you can provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt that it was out of your control.
    4. If you have been scammed, you must provide photo or video evidence then we will assist in your compensation which will be provided only by the scammer (return of items).
    5. Items or levels lost due to rollback, glitch, or bug may be compensated if you are able to provide video or photo proof of the items/levels lost.

    Forum Rules
    All of the rules above also apply on the forum where applicable. Breaking these rules may result in warnings, temp bans, permanent account ban, or IP ban from the forum. Ban evasion on the forum will result in harsher punishments and can possibly lead up to your game account or IP being blocked from the game.
    1. Maple Destiny is an English server. While we respect all people who speak other languages (and try to accommodate them as much as possible), you are to post threads in English only. This rule does not apply for private conversations.
    2. Stay on thread topic. Unless it's a thread posted in our Lounge section, please try to remain on topic as much as possible. Any posts veering too far off topic will be removed without warning.
    3. In-Game and the forum are two different worlds, you will not be banned on the forums for something you did in-game, and vice versa. (Exception of unanimous admin approval)
    4. Do not post any explicit content. Nudity, violence, drugs, or hateful content will be removed. You may not hide it in spoilers, and it will result in your ban. This also applies for avatars and signatures.
    5. Do not use racial, or homophobic slurs. Attempting to bypass the forum censor will result in your forum account being blocked from the community.
    6. Do not flame or intentionally create drama. Do not post specifically to incite anger or frustration in another member. Use good judgment when 'joking' and stop if asked.
    7. Do not ignore warnings. This includes re-posting profile updates, posts, threads, and shoutbox. Ignoring warnings will lead to harsher punishments.
    8. Keep signatures to a reasonable size. Your signatures may be re-sized, or hidden in spoilers if they're deemed too large.
    9. Do not bump your thread more than once every 24 hours. If you bump your thread more than once in a 24 hour period, your bump post will be deleted and you will be warned.
    10. No necroposting. Please do not revive old, irrelevant threads.
    11. Do not use link shorteners. bit.ly, adf.ly, goo.gl, etc, are all prohibited.
    12. Never advertise on our forum. This includes other MapleStory servers, social media, or websites other than www.mapledestiny.net/
    13. Rapidly flashing images should always be hidden in spoilers. This includes images used in signatures.
    14. Please use the search button. Or google.
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    The ToS is currently undergoing a major rewrite and will see major changes in the coming days and weeks as we clear up and refine our ruleset.
  3. Exodus

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    Added Krexel to the list of bosses where you may not multi client.
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