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  1. ElaineTan

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    I've been inactive for awhile huh? Anyone miss me? heheh. I'm downloading MapleDestiny back within this 2 weeks! EEEK
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  2. Coffe

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  3. Lotfi1996

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    Welcome Back! ^^
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  4. Coffe

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  5. ElaineTan

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    And HAHA, don't misunderstand.. I didn't played MapleDestiny, I just went there for 1 day and decided not to play anymore because I thought I won't adapt easily to those that focus more onto "TRAINING". I'm kind of a person that loves to communicate. HAHA, so I decided to deleted it. And I thought OMG, I got no other SERVERs to play. So I ask "Davi" aka David to help me. We're very close and VERY GOOD FRIENDs HAHA
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  6. Castrator

    Castrator Well-Known

    Focus on what training? We’re all about AFK PQ now. Welcome back!
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  7. NoLackin

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  8. ElaineTan

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    I wish there's a map that's a "Fishing map" OR "Home map" For us to AFK at instead of PQ :)
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  9. sentinel

    sentinel Well-Known

    Its called Free Market Channel 1
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  10. Coffe

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    There should be a playground added then for those active/bored/playful players who literally go wild jumping all over the map *cough* me sometimes.

    Yeah, don't hide, you flash jumpers and pirate boat floaters. We see you.
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  11. SweetPayback

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    you have no proofblackpenor
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  12. zeroproof

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    More like zero proof amirite blackpenor
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  13. IWantMyNameBack

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    hey welcome back im blackjesus
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  14. NDwithRuii

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    Hey welcome back im Jesus
  15. Nils

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    Me too