Unscheduled Restart 9/24/2018

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    There will be a short Maintenance restart, today 24th of September 2018, at 23:00 servertime.

    The restart will last approximately 15 minutes.
    A new version of MapleDestiny.exe will be made available: it is required for you to play without issues.

    This restart will address the current issues with Hero's Will failing to properly dispel certain statuses, and with Skill macros not correctly activating.

    We apologise for the inconvenience. Please plan accordingly!
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    Update 9/24/2018

    • Hero's Will will no longer skip the first active debuff, and will no longer attempt to dispel a nonexistant third active debuff.
    • Skill Macros will no longer fail to perform due to skill activation checks being too long for the Macro to keep up with.
    • Introduced a first set of serverside handling for the upcoming Nagrom boss (CWKPQ Pirate Boss).

    Client Update:
    • Inverted the Skill casting checks, to reduce the time required for a skill to be cleared for execution.
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    This post is unrelated to the patch above (it concerns content that will be out in the upcoming Halloween patch), but making a new thread for just this information would have felt pointless.

    I said I was going to post news about the Zhu-Ge Liang dagger when we would have had a plan for it, so here it is.
    After discussing about it, we decided that its required Dex will be increased, from 0 to 120, to place it at an acceptable level among our other available Thief weaponry.

    Modified Zhu-Ge Liang Dagger (open)

    This change will be applied for the Halloween patch (that will happen late during the third week of October), so, if that weapon was your main one, you have a bit over 10 days to either find a replacement, or some extra Dex, for your Thief character, in case you need any.

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