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    List of the randomized Prize Pools:

    House of Horrors (open)
    Wandering around the House of Horrors, you may meet a [​IMG] Little Spooky Ghost.
    If you speak with him, he will tell you a random fact; the next time you loot a Pumpkin Piece, you will then be asked a question about that fact.
    If you answer correctly, at the end of the PQ you will have a chance to obtain one of the following items:

    [​IMG] Mad Doctor Bolt [Hat]
    [​IMG] Mad Doctor Gown [Overall]
    [​IMG] Mad Doctor Stethoscope [Cape]
    [​IMG] Mad Doctor Boots [Shoes]

    [​IMG] Ribbon Angel Cap [Hat]
    [​IMG] Ribbon Angel Uniform [Overall]
    [​IMG] Ribbon Angel Syringe [Cape]
    [​IMG] Ribbon Angel Shoes [Shoes]

    [​IMG] Glowing Pumpkin Basket [Weapon]

    [​IMG] 100 extra Pumpkin Brooches [Event currency]

    NOTE: you may speak with a pumpkin ghost only once per PQ.

    Witch Tower (open)
    Each time you complete the Witch Tower, Hallowkitty will reward you with one of the following items:

    [​IMG] Halloween Dracula Mask [Hat]
    [​IMG] Halloween Frankenstein Mask [Hat]
    [​IMG] Halloween Skull Mask [Hat]
    [​IMG] Halloween Werewolf Mask [Hat]
    [​IMG] Halloween Mummy Mask [Hat]
    [​IMG] Halloween Cat-O-Lantern Mask [Hat]

    [​IMG] Halloween Festival Costume (M) [Overall]
    [​IMG] Halloween Festival Costume (F) [Overall]

    [​IMG] 100 Pumpkin Brooches [Event currency]
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