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    Event Details:


    You may reach Happyville by speaking with Rupi, in Henesys, near the Regular Cab area.
    Rupi will also bring you back to Henesys, should you decide to leave Happyville, at any time.

    While in Happyville, you may enjoy all the content that our Winter Event has to offer:



    Form a party of 2 to 6 members, and speak with Dorothea, in Happy Village: Cliff's Hut, accessible from Happyville.

    You will be warped to the Slopy Hills: in there, your task will be to find all the hidden Presents, and report back to Dorothea, before the time's up, to claim your prize!


    Collect the Nevermelting Snow, by hunting monsters, participating in the WPQ, or in any other Party Quest of MapleDestiny, and bring it all to Happy!


    Happy is waiting for you in the Extra Frosty Snow Zone, that you can access by speaking with Cipher, in Happyville.

    When the community has collected a total of 5000 Nevermelting Snows, the Giant Snowman will be summoned: make sure you're there to take part to the fight, to grab a rare Present!


    Santa, in Happyville, will gladly exchange the Presents for a random prize.
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