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    What are Donation Points?
    Donation Points are a gift that we give to players who choose to help support the server.

    What can Donation Points be used for?
    Donation Points can be redeemed for items or services. When you spend Donation Points (other than crafting Red Luck Sacks), your account is set as a Donor Account which gives you certain special perks like account-wide access to the @dps command, and our Transmog NPC (Romeo in Lith Harbor).
    For more information on items, see Juliet in Lith Harbor.

    I want to donate, but I don't have PayPal. Can I pay with another method?
    Unfortunately we only accept donations via PayPal at this time.

    I forgot to include my Character Name when donating? What do I do?

    Don't panic! You can just contact an Admin in game via @gm or on the forums and we'll get it all sorted out!

    I haven't received my donation points yet. HELP?
    Donations are currently not automatic, but will be as soon as possible. For now, it's easiest if you include your IGN in a note when donating, or contact a staff member in game via @gm to receive your Donor points.

    I donated over $10, but still don't have Donor Status and cannot use the @dps command. What gives?
    In order to be recognized as a Donor Account, you have to spend donation points at Juliet in Lith Harbor. You should then receive access to all donor privileges. If you've donated and still do not have the command, contact the GM Staff for assistance.

    How do I transfer Donation Points?
    Currently we allow for players to transfer or trade DP for in game currency or items. If you need assistance with this, use @gm in game to contact a staff member or PM one of them on the forum.

    I dropped my Donation item! Help!
    If you drop your VIP rock, you should just be able to repurchase one from the cash shop and it'll work as the donor rock did. If you're experiencing other issues, feel free to contact a staff member so we can help you resolve your issue. Remember, everyone makes mistakes and that's okay!

    I want a name change!
    Prior to having your in-game name changed, you must contact a staff member and check to see if the name you want is available. An available IGN is a name that is:
    • Not currently in use.
    • A banned character under level 120
    • A mule character under level 120 on an account that has been inactive for at least 6 months.
    • A mule character under level 70 that has been inactive for more than 90 days.
    • A banned, or old character that was your own. (must prove ownership of the banned account by passing security check)
    Please do not horde IGNs.

    What does Donator Status on the forums do? Where do I get it?
    It just gives you the "Donator" tag under your forum name. As of this post, it does not do anything else. If you have donated but have not yet received your Donator tag, send a message to a staff member on the forums, or post in this thread.

    My question isn't listed here
    If you have any other questions you can contact any of the GM Staff. When sending a message you can click "GM Staff" under Groups to send a message to all staff members. This should increase response time.
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