[World Event & Content] Louis is Hungry!

Louis is hungry!

Join us during the month of April to celebrate Easter and all things spring!
StarFrozen is in Kerning City and he's looking for food. Speak with Mad Bunny to help us feed Louis!

[Permanent Content]
Looking to upgrade your end game pole-arm? Harry in Florina Beach is willing to help!
Full information about the event and content here.
Stay beautiful, Destiny.

[World Event] Happy Birthday, MapleDestiny

Time to celebrate our second anniversary!

Another year has come and gone, so it's time to party!
Join our world event by collecting Birthday Candles that drop from every mob and exchange them with Wonky for prizes!

Double Donations are back!
Receive double points for all donation transactions throughout the month of March!

Full information about the event here.
Stay beautiful, Destiny.

[Release] Hard Mode Zakum

It's here.

Get the full story here.

Leafre Gachapon, donation bonuses, and more!

Check out the all new custom gachapon in Ludibrium!
You asked us, we did it. We've added updated bonuses for high tier donations!

Running from 2/8/14 to 2/15/14 Valentines Day chocolates will drop from all mobs around the Destiny world! These are the guilt free type of chocolates, don't you worry.

Check out the forum post HERE for all the details!

Stay beautiful, Destiny.

A month of Valentines!

We love you, Maple Destiny. As a show of our appreciation to you, the players, we're holding a month full of special things!

Visit our forums HERE for more information.

Jump Quest Duels!

Our new Jump Quest Duel NPC is now LIVE on the server! Just head on over to Ellinia and climb to the top of the map to find our kitty cat in charge of Jump Quest Duels.
Gamble away your hard earned meso with some friends (or rivals)!

The end of our Halloween events

It was a great Halloween this year, thanks to everyone of you who participated. We'll be back next year for more tricks!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone!

*Double donations are extended to January 15th.