Updated launcher: Multi-client support.

[April '13]
We have added multi-client support to the new launcher. Head over to the Play page or click below.
Download here.
If you are experiencing "Runtime not found", a solution can be found on the Play page.

Happy Anniversary Maple Destiny!

[March '13]
It's been a year now that we've been up in running, and to help celebrate this great success the staff members are holding an Event Week! Join us in-game for fun and prizes all week long during peak hours. More information can be found here. Enjoy!

Back online.

[Feburary '13]
After a 12 hour downtime, we're back with 10X bigger pipes!

Haters be hatin.

[Feburary '13]
Hello all. Some skiddies hit us with a Low-orbit ion cannon and took us for a ride, so we migrated to 10x the previous pipes and some control over switch rules. We'll be back soon~

Happy Holidays!

[December '12]
Happy Holidays from us at MapleDestiny!